What are the common diseases for a French bull dog?

What are the common diseases for a French bull dog?

French bulldogs are part of the brachycephalic family, which also includes the Boxer and Boston terrier. Unfortunately, this “family” of dogs is genetically predisposed to the development of gliomas. These are brain tumors that cause the dog’s behavior problems, as well as epileptic seizures. These symptoms usually appear in elderly dogs at least 10 years old.

Respiratory disorders – Because he is brachycephalic, the French bulldog suffers from respiratory problems. This is due to an excess of volume of the nasal veil that obstructs the passage of air. Symptoms are wheezing during waking and loud snoring during sleep. These situations can lead to:

  • Stenosis of the nostrils,
  • Sleep apnea,
  • Elongation of the soft palate.

Premature aging of cartilage –

The Frenchie appeared as a result of several crosses. The reduction in the size of the animal was not accompanied by a harmonization of the skeleton. His spine suffered a compression effect that resulted in the thickening of the vertebrae. The French bulldog is famous for having a heavy and massive bone structure. That’s why this dog is a terrible swimmer. However, the real danger is that Intervertebral discs age prematurely, harden, crack and eventually cause herniated discs in the French bulldog. It is advisable to save your dog by avoiding very violent or impactful physical exercises. If he shows signs of pain, veterinarian can inject anti-inflammatory properties.

Congenital deafness – French bulldogs can suffer from congenital deafness, linked to an abnormal development of certain cells in the ear. Deafness can affect only one ear or both. No treatment is possible, but this condition does not change over time. The education of these animals must be adapted to their particularities.

Reproductive disorders in the French bulldog –

French bulldogs are prone to difficulties in having a natural birth, which is called dystocia. These difficulties are related to the narrowing of the female pelvis combined with the width of the pups’ heads. To overcome these difficulties, a caesarean section is usually scheduled for delivery to the female French bulldog.

Cataract –

The French bulldog may suffer from hereditary cataract. Symptoms can begin at around 8 weeks of the animal and cause vision disorders at 9 months. But the good news is that surgical treatment is possible. However, if you decide to select any other dog breed, Pug is indeed a god alternative. So, if you decide adapting between a Pug and a Frenchie, as they have bulk body, you must maintain a good diet.