How to Add Personality to Your Home

How to Add Personality to Your Home

Homes are just like their inhabitants, no two are the same! We all use an awful lot of our time tucked up in our homes, whether it’s enjoying family time, working, chilling out on your own or entertaining your friends, it’s where you spend some of life’s best moments. So, with all that time you’re spending there, you want to feel as comfortable and, well, at home as possible, right? Thought so! Bringing some new style into your interior mix doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars, it can just be a question of adding a couple of pieces here and there! Here’s how…

Switch Up Your Colour Palette

Changing up your colour palette is such an easy way of totally reinventing your home, without having to buy all new furniture. You can do this with a single accent colour or reupholster your upholstered furniture to bring in some excitement to your lounge and dining areas. Try switching out lampshades to shed some colourful, cosy light in your bedroom and entertainment areas if you want to change it up without really changing a thing. Easiest and most striking way to change your colour palette? It has to be painting your walls! This can be one statement wall or a top to floor reinvention, whatever you’re ready and willing to commit to.

Add Soft Furnishings

Plush, soft finishes will always make a difference to a home that’s feeling a little lacking in the personality department. Throw a chunky knit blanket and a few scatter pillows across your timber dining set and watch your whole dining room transform in a matter of seconds! This can be anything from an eye catching fabric chair, rugs, pillows, blankets and squishing wall hangings. Layer different textures, fabrics and homes to create a household that’s comforting, tactile and anything but boring.

Highlight Your Centerpieces

Your centrepieces are usually the most significant item in a room, this will be due to their function, size or overall look. You can change the feel of your house and bring some more design factor to a room by simply highlighting the focal point of each area in the space. Add statement blankets and throws to beds and sofas, direct spotlights and soft lighting onto your dining table and layer accessories onto bookcases to pull the eye towards them and add to the visual intrigue of the room.

Play With Your Floor Plan

Rearranging the floor plan of your home is a great way to switch up the personality and change the general vibe you’ve got going on. You can do this with a gift floor plan app or just pull out the trusty pen and paper to sketch out a few different options for each room. Pull furniture away from walls, clear the space in front of windows and doors and ensure that all walkways are clear to make sure that your home is as beautiful and functional as possible.

Accessorise With Keepsakes

Accessorising is cheap, easy and amazingly transformative for any space, and with just a few additions you’ll start to see the dramatic benefits, promise! A way of bringing a lot of (literal) personality into your home is by using your own, and your family’s! This can mean adding a gallery wall of treasurable family photos, framing postcards or materials that you’ve collected over the years or dotting homemade knick knacks across your shelves and bookcases.

Follow these tips and your home is going to be bursting with creativity, colour and personality. Just be sure to keep your own personal style in mind whilst you’re undergoing a change, you don’t want to compromise the overall look and flow of your home.