Phillip Sanders’ Tips for Early Investors

Phillip Sanders is a talented musician and an astute investor, who began by investing his money in Oil and Gas, and today has a vast and varied portfolio. He’s written many songs, several of which became chart toppers throughout Europe. Some of his songs, such as I Don’t Think I Will and With Her I’amare major hits. However, Phillip Sanders is one of the most astute investors as well and

Find out how you can make digital payments on a bank app instantly

COVID-19 pandemic has led to a surge in the adoption of digital payments in India. More and more people are into smartphones using an online payment method to purchase goods or services and pay utility and credit card bills. The country is moving towards a digital economy with more people shifting to Internet banking.  According to a survey carried out in 2020, about 80 percent of people in India used digital payments

How to Choose the Right Credit Card for Indian Students?

Credit cards have vital benefits for students. It is a worry-free way to pay college fees. You might get cashbacks, miles and reward points. This makes it an affordable option. Paying the card bill will help create a good credit score early in life. It then becomes easy to get loans. It is also a useful tool if you are an outstation student. The funds can be utilized to pay

Five Advantages of Investing in Cryptocurrency Assets 

Cryptocurrency is simply an electronic currency that exists entirely online. It is typically found in a blockchain on a server but not all cryptocurrencies exist on a blockchain. Cryptocurrency transactions are highly encrypted to secure transactions on the blockchain. It hasn’t reached the stage of global acceptance as a legal tender but it has made a lot of progress over the decade. If you’re thinking of diving into the cryptocurrency

Best Options for the No Credit Check Loans: What You Need

Getting a loan without having to submit to a credit check is becoming increasingly common. The procedure of borrowing money online has become fairly simple. Protracted and complex methods, as well as the ensuing queries, had turned away clients who previously went to banks for money when they required it. This usually leads to clients being unable to obtain the funds they want for a variety of reasons. Due to

How do I check if a moneylender is licensed in Singapore?

Sometimes you might find yourself in a situation where you need quick cash. In such cases, you can avail for a personal loan. A personal loan can be used for many purposes under varied circumstances. You can avail of a personal loan in case of a shortage of funds or planning a wedding. An important factor to consider while taking a personal loan in Singapore is to check whether the

Why Litecoin news is updated every moment?

Litecoin is a digital currency it is an alternative to Bitcoin. The amount of Litecoin currency is measured based on the market capitalization. Litecoin, like its equals, works in one function as an online payment system. Like PayPal or a bank’s online network, users can apply it to transfer money to one another. Litecoin is similar to traditional currency and payment. When it comes to travelers and tourists, itsounds simple

Benefits of Home Loan for Woman

In modern times, women are becoming more financially independent and taking on revolutionary career choices. Be it sports, Finance, public policy, fashion or any other career choices.  Women are also getting more involved in owning and purchasing properties than ever before. As per the statistics, until Dec 2019, women occupied 29% of home loans in India and increasing every year. It is also noteworthy, the ticket size of the women

Is Getting a Personal Loan Right for You During this Pandemic?

Covid-19 has left everyone with cash problems. People are losing their job and wages. Everyone is struggling to survive during this pandemic. Even the working-class people are facing problems. People living on rent have no money to pay the rent because there is no income and cash flow. Apart from paying for food and rent, people have to struggle to pay for medical expenses literally. Medical expenses are complicated to

Pliant Therapeutics Inc.

As a biopharmaceutical clinical company, Pliant Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: PLRX at ) targets various keys related to the biological pathways. It has been in existence since 2015, with its headquarters located in South San Francisco in California. The clinical company majorly focuses on fibrotic diseases or those diseases related to the chest and difficulty in breathing. The solutions or medical treatments provided by them help to sustain a good