Understanding Why Hapag Tracking is Industry Leader in Container Tracking 

Understanding Why Hapag Tracking is Industry Leader in Container Tracking 

Real-time container tracking is one of the most important things for supply chain professionals. Earlier, keeping track of your international shipments was no less than a pain, it was time consuming and a hectic process. But things have changed today, industry leaders like Hapag Lloyd have made tracking global containers a breeze. But have you ever wondered why Hapag Tracking is shining among thousands of tracking services? Let’s find out! 

Hapag Lloyd Background 

With a total transport capacity of about 1.6 million TEUs and a fleet of whopping 220+ container ships, Hapag Lloyd is undoubtedly one of the leading container lineups in the world. The company works with more than 12,000 employees at more than 400 locations all across the globe. Not to forget, the containerized capacity of this giant is 2.6 million TEUs and it also includes the largest fleets of refrigerated storage vessels. 


When Hapag-Lloyd merged with the 18th largest container shipping company, United Arab Shipping in 2017, it further added 53 ships to Lloyd’s fleet. This increased their total capacity to 400,000 TEUs, mostly for its service between India and the Middle East. Besides, the wide range of services offered by Hapag-Lloyd covers Trans-Pacific Trade, Atlantic Trade and Europe-Asia Trades. [Learn more about Hapag-Lloyd:https://www.cogoport.com/container-tracking-shipping

What Makes Hapag Lloyd Tracking Stand Out? 

Hapag tracking is one of the most trusted and accurate of all the services available out there. The Hapag tracking services, mainly tracking bills of lading, are accessible through their official website. It has taken an enormous form because of merging the container business with CSAV, a container business of Chile. The entire process was completed by 2015 which made the Hapag tracking a world-class leader. From this time onwards, Hapag tracking never looked back and continued to thrive and rule the container tracking market. 

Hapag-Lloyd has further equipped themselves by having 177 more modern ships with a capacity of 7.4 million TEU. Regardless of which part these ships travel, they can be traced almost instantly with their robust tracking system. While they don’t have a very good number of employees to take care of their tracking services, it is the robust technology they use which sets them apart. 

By interfacing their tracking systems with advanced technology, the company has achieved great success. You’ll be amazed to know that there are nearly 366 locations around 118 countries that are solely dedicated to taking care of Hapag tracking. The company makes sure that its tracking services run as smoothly as possible. 

As a shipper, most people blindly trust Hapag tracking by booking system because of their powerful IT system that is regularly updated and upgraded. Another reason behind the popularity is, the Hapag tracking and container tracing process is fairly simple and quick. More importantly, the company has gained the trust of thousands of shippers by maintaining industry standards for more than 170 years. Besides, sustainability and compliance are two major factors that took Hapag-Lloyd to a new height. 

Hapag container tracking is already at its peak, and with a great experience of 170 years to come up with amazing service and constant motivation is what is making them create and employ better solutions to satisfy their customers all over the world. The Hapag-Lloyd logistics are always there when their customers need them. They work round the clock to provide their customers with a seamless and flawless container tracking experience. 

So, these are a few reasons why hapag tracking is named among the world-class industry leaders. They allow their customers to sail in the sea freely with the hope that their shipments will be traced and tracked nicely with Hapag-Lloyd.