So, you might have been going through different neighborhoods in the UK trying to find a peaceful, beautiful one that has excellent facilities. One place that certainly fits that description is Hampshire. A delightful county with the New Forest National Park at the center and an extensive range of beautiful coastline directly facing the Isle of Wight. The county comes with some excellent properties, and house prices have been flying upwards especially in the Northern region. Regardless of that, there are still several places around the county where you can find affordable and quality housing options. These are five of the cheapest places you can buy or sell property in Hampshire.

  1. Gosport (Average property price of £237,079)

The Gosport peninsula is made up of about 24miles of beautiful open green space. It is a great location for people who wish to enjoy the view of the beach and countryside from the comfort of their home. There have been several new housing investments in Gosport and this has led to the development of several new housing options. The houses offer very good quality for an affordable price. 

  1. Havant (Average property price of £288,862)

Havant is a beautiful city located in the south of England, and it lies between Chichester and Portsmouth. It is a bustling market town, with beautiful Georgian buildings and narrow weaving footpaths. The town center is probably the most popular location in the entire city, and it is where you will find a wide array of shopping malls, special retailers, and all kinds of attractions.

  1. Fareham (Average property price of £345,342)

Fareham is as lively of a market town as you could possibly imagine. Lying between the cities of Portsmouth and Southampton, it blends old historical buildings with modern facilities and shopping areas. With a wide range of business services in the area as well as a vibrant entertainment scene, there are many things available to enjoy in Fareham. It is a great city to choose from if you want a combination of history and modern attractions. The prices of properties here quite reasonable as well, while providing high-quality housing.

  1. Portsmouth (Average property price of £251,013)

Portsmouth, as the name suggests is a port city, and is one with a lot of history. It is often referred to as “a salty seadog” of a city. The city has a pretty small population but that does not stop the people from creating a vibrant atmosphere. There are many available social amenities in the city and the cost of housing is quite affordable, and it would be a great choice for anyone who wishes to live close to the sea.

  1. Southsea (Average property price of £267,914)

The magnificent open green spaces are enough to make anyone fall in love with Southsea. Then you go on to add the beautiful beach and Victoria seafront and you create paradise. If you’re looking for an area that has a lot to explore and see, then Southsea is an amazing choice. You get to go on an adventure every day, whether it’s having a field day going through the many bars and pubs, going on a hovercraft at the beach, or having a nice picnic, there is always something new to try out. You can get here quick sales to cash buyers.