Eight Snow Activities To Do During Family Vacations

Eight Snow Activities To Do During Family Vacations

 Looking for snow activities ideas? A family trip to mountain resorts can go far beyond traditional winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. Playing in the snow can be a great adventure for adults and children, as the ski resorts offer a universe of attractions and different games to discover. Below, we’ve selected 8 winter activity ideas to inspire your next snow vacation with kids – from thrilling sledding to classic ice skating. Check it out:

  1. Sled: One Of The Funniest Snow Games For You To Try With The Gang

You’ve probably seen a movie in which children and teenagers go down the mountain sitting on a sled. This exciting snow activity is undoubtedly an excellent option for families who want to share laughter and precious moments between parents and children. The game even has exclusive slopes at the main ski resorts, with protective nets and foam at the end of the path so that no one gets hurt.

  1. Discover The Mountains As A Family With Snowshoe Hikes

If the word “hike” can turn some children off, it’s because they still don’t know about snowshoe hikes. Yet, it is one of the most popular winter activities in the ski resorts, as it combines the tranquility of a trail with incredible views of the forests and snowy mountains. The racket tour is the perfect opportunity to gather the family and capture photos of moments that will be kept forever!

  1. Discover breathtaking trails and landscapes on a mountain bike

With some adaptations to the traditional bikes we know, snow mountain bikes combine the thrill of snow sports with cycling fun. As a family, put on your helmet and feel the adrenaline as you discover breathtaking natural scenery! Special bikes can be rented at the ski resorts and are available in different sizes and models.

  1. Try Ice Skating Outdoors With Your Family

Although it is possible to skate on mall rinks in some places in Brazil, the possibility of ice skating outdoors in a ski resort is a truly unique experience. First, gaze at the starry sky and moon as the whole family glides across the ice. Then, take the opportunity to bet on who will do the best trick!

  1. Fever At Ski Resorts, The Air Board Is Perfect For A Quick Family Activity

If you’re looking for a fast-paced family game, the air board is one of the best suggestions. According to the manufacturer, the equipment is a kind of inflatable sled with an average speed of 50 km/h but can reach up to 130 km/h. In it, you lie on your stomach and control your direction by leaning from side to side. There are two straps to hold securely, and of course, you should always wear a helmet.

  1. Children’s Snow Parks Entertain Even The Grown-Ups

However, few people know about the snow parks designed for children, which house many fun obstacles and challenges capable of entertaining the whole family.

  1. Play Freely And Make Little Angels In The Snow With The Children

One of the most awaited moments for children who travel to the ski resorts is making the dreamed of little snow angels. Despite being a super simple activity, the action of throwing yourself in the snow, moving your arms, and leaving an angel shape on the ground will be unforgettable for the whole family.

  1. Don’t Forget A Snowball Fight!

Finally, how about getting in the middle of a snowball fight? If you don’t know what to do in the snow, look at your feet, make a ball and toss it to your nearest family member. The tip is to protect yourself and try to catch someone distracted to burst out laughing!