Steps To Be Taken During Avulsed or Knocked Out Tooth

Steps To Be Taken During Avulsed or Knocked Out Tooth

Unlike baby teeth, permanent teeth like the name indicates do no erupt again, if the tooth is lost. If your tooth cannot be mounted, the next stage is to decide how to deal with the new gap created by the lost tooth. You’ll be more prepared if a tooth falls out if you know what to do in advance. Millions of Americans lose at least one tooth in adulthood. Therefore, it is vital to know what to do upon losing a tooth. 

Losing a tooth is a kind of dental emergency that has to be taken care of immediately. Dr. Reza Hekmat is known to be an emergency dentist Rancho Bernardo and 4S Ranch. His family clinic Hekmat Dental Clinic is known for providing the best services with advanced technology and method. He has been in this profession since 1994, which makes him efficient and experienced in this field. He has the best treatment methods for dental emergencies. 

Reasons for Missing Tooth

  • Injury due to accident or sports.
  • Poor dental care
  • Disease that impacts bones and jaw structure, like cancer.
  • Smoking/ excessive caffeine
  • Tooth decay
  • Age

If the gap due to a missing tooth is not taken care of, a person may suffer from various other problems. 

  • If your teeth begin to shift due to the gap, you won’t be able to brush and floss all surfaces of your teeth, which could lead to plaque or bacteria formation. This increases your risk of decay and gum disease, which could lead to more tooth loss. 
  • Since your teeth are designed to support one another, even if one is lost the adjacent teeth will tilt and shift to fill the gap. This movement will affect the rest of your teeth, eventually causing all of your neighboring teeth to lean into each other thereby impacting the facial structure.
  • Your teeth help in supporting your jaw bone by encouraging bone growth. When one or more teeth are missing, the bone in this location does not receive the stimulus it needs to grow, resulting in further bone loss.

If you ever lose a tooth during any situation the first thing to do is to follow these steps –

Leave the Tooth Alone

If your tooth is loose, but hanging on its root, then leave it the way it is without touching with your finger or tongue. This is because with time it heals itself, but you may contact an emergency dentist if the problem persists even after a week 

Place the Tooth in a Zip Pouch or Back to Its Socket

In some injuries, the tooth is knocked out. During such a dental emergency you should book an appointment with a dentist. Pick the knocked-out tooth wash it with saline water and keep it in a zip pouch properly or place it back in your mouth in the socket and press it with your other tooth. 

Today medical science has advanced a lot. There are options like dental implants, Implant-supported bridges, Implant-supported dentures, and dentures, each has its capability to support one tooth or the teeth structure. The imitation is created from different materials, which blend well with the other teeth making it appear natural. Thus, an individual retains its original smile.

Whenever you lose a tooth due to injury or any other situation, don’t delay and sit back. Even if it is the last tooth in the alignment, you still need emergency dentist 4S Ranch to fill in the gap and avoid further dental problems.