Know all about hiring a buyer’s advocate

Know all about hiring a buyer's advocate

A buyer advocate is a licensed professional who deals with real estate. They offer various services like:

·         Looking for properties (listed and off-market ones) for you to review

·         Bidding at auction

·         Reviewing properties you have found to purchase

·         Conducting inspections on your behalf before recommending for inspection

·         Negotiating with vendor’s agent

Difference between a buyer’s advocate and a real estate agent

A real estate agent works for and gets paid by the vendor. It means that during any transaction, the agent mainly works for the vendor and conducts negotiation on their behalf aiming at selling the property for the highest price possible. Buyers advocate Melbourne, at the same time, works for you who is the buyer to purchase a great property for a great price which would offer long term benefits for you. A real estate agent can help in finding a lot of properties that are available for you to inspect, in the given area but they could not assess the property whether it would suit you or how it would perform over some time. 

Why use a Buyer’s advocacy service?

When it comes to buying property, we have heard many stories of people losing out on money when they are up to selling their homes. They might also end up having to make expensive repairs and maintenance as they do not realise what they are buying. If you need professional advice, you have to make sure what you are buying is a good investment. You want the property to increase its value over the period which would help you take the next step. A buyer’s advocate can:

·         Assist in the process of reviewing the areas you wish to purchase

·         Make sure that there are no huge changes or developments that would impact you

·         Help you opt for a great asset

·         Make sure that the building and pest inspections are completed

·         Negotiate with the vendor

·         Bid auction within your budget

How a Buyer’s Advocate can help you save money?

·         Off-market properties: They would have easy access to properties that are not listed anywhere.This can help you save a lot of money by eliminating competition.

·         Offers Bidding support: Buyer’s advocate in Melbourne can help you out during auctions and bidding to deal with it and get you your favourite or shortlisted property. 

·         Expertise: They would have good knowledge and experience in the field of real estate. They can help you find a good property for a reasonable rate. 

·         Time: As they spend a lot of time looking up and researching different properties, they would have a clear idea about the advantages and flaws of the property that you plan to buy. They could help you find a good property by taking less time and offering information as a result of thorough research.

By having an advocate by your side, you can avoid the hassle of researching and looking up properties on your own. The advocate can help you find and shortlist properties of your choice and preferences and help you pick the ideal and best one for you at a reasonable price.