November 27, 2021

6 Interesting Places in Medan You Need to Know

Talking about Medan will never end. This metropolitan city in Sumatra does present a variety of charms like Jakarta if on the island of Java. The density of the population also demands that this area offers a variety of tourist attractions. Luckily, Medan was given the gift of history that is very fun to watch. We visited and studied in more detail. Become a topic of discussion in the community.

6 Instagrammable  and Affordable Hotels In Medan

There are many choices for hotels in Medan. But only a few offer cheap and attractive prices. We will discuss some instagrammable hotels in Medan with the lowest prices.You can buy real Instagram followers here. You need to know that Medan is the center of the crowd in North Sumatra Province. Medan has many tourist attractions that must be visited, such as beaches and magnificent palaces in the middle of

A Vegan’s Dream Come True!

I knew becoming vegan would be difficult, and that I would miss so many things about my old lifestyle. What I didn’t expect was how many replacements exist for things I used to love before I adopted this lifestyle. I also didn’t expect the hefty price tag that would be attached to these store bought products. I also was unsure about some of the ingredients. I was not a fan