What is a guide rail

What is a guide rail

In linear motion, products that are used provide the possibility of transmitting torque in a straight way. Precision is one of the most required aspects, as well as security while working. 

A guide rail is a device that directs products through a channel, conveyor, roadway or a rail system or tracks. 

Linear motion simply isn’t complete without the guide rail.

There are different types of guide rails available on the market. Each of these types can be connected to a certain industry. 

Factory or production line conveyors are used in most factories to transfer components on an assembly line or a conveyor belt. 

They are useful in big factory outfits because they provide transmission of differently shaped and sized items down the guide. 

Power tool guide rails are used as an addition to a certain power tool. This guide rail system provides a very accurate method in cutting hard materials. 

Elevator shaft guide rail is an inner part of most elevator and lift shafts. They function as a vertical, internal track. In fact each of the elevator shafts consists of two guide rails, one that guides the lift and the other presents the counterweight. Together, they provide stability within the shaft and security in case of emergency stops. 

Roadway guide rail is designed to guide vehicles away from potentially hazardous situations and back on the road. 

Circular saw guide rail

When you’re operating a circular saw, a guide rail will definitely come handy. 

Guide rails are in fact designed to be used with a circular saw. 

Circular saw guide rails are straight bars made of metal which can easily be installed or mounted on the saw to guide the blade. This method ensured easy direction towards the most accurate type of cutting. 

They are mostly manufactured of light aluminum materials and are structured to have a guide rib, non-slip rubber bottom and a much needed splinter guard that conveniently prevents injuries. 

Even though you can do the work with a circular saw without using a guide rail, let us explain some of the benefits that come with using the whole set. 

First and foremost, the use of a guide rail will protect the surface where the work is being done. When using power tools, such as circular saw, it is easy to damage your working area. With the guide rail in place, the circular saw hardly touches the surface. 

Using a guide rail with a circular saw prevents you from using clamps, which can clutter the cutting line, in return not providing the optimal results. 

In addition, the use of guide rails provides more precise cutting and eliminates tears and splinters. 

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