Top Areas to Target When looking for a PG in Mumbai

Top Areas to Target When looking for a PG in Mumbai

Paying guests is a popular option among the crowd and a lot of people who are planning to shift to Mumbai prefer having a PG. The cost of a rental property in Mumbai is very expensive and thus PG is the ultimate solution for many people. These give the people the perfect balance between cost and accommodation who move away from their home to a new city.

If you are looking for a PG in Mumbai, the first place where you need to start your research is from finding the right area to live in. Finding the right area will get you access to the right amenities and will also help you narrow down the places according to the purpose you are visiting Bombay for. Find an affordable pg in Mumbai in case you are planning to urgently shift to the city.

Here are a few areas listed in Mumbai that you need to look into for a suitable PG


Bandra is located in the upscale coastal area and is famous for all the right reasons. The area might be expensive for PG but will surely give you access to all the important things near around. It’s also a great area for street shopping lovers. The popular Bandstand which is a 1.2 km long walk area along the sea is also located here. You can get genuine pg in Andheri east too in your budget.


This area is situated on the banks of Powai Lake and is a great area for people looking for a suitable PG. This place is far from the city rush and will also allow you access to cheaper accommodation. The place has a good view of mountains and the view is breathtaking at the time of sunset. The area is very spacious and also an adventure park that gives an adventurous as well as a modern look to this place.


Juhu is one place that most Indians watching Bollywood films will be familiar with. Juhu has been romanticised in Indian films a lot. The place gets a lot of tourists and consists of a lot of hangout space. In case you are working or studying this area will be good for you as you can get a quick refreshing break.