Three commands for sofa upholstery cleaning

Three commands for sofa upholstery cleaning

To get the maximum value and functionality of a sofa, you need to take care of its material, especially the sofa upholstery. Cleaning is one of the most important maintenance procedures to perform. Here are tips for cleaning and maintaining sofa upholstery.

Remove stains while they are still fresh

Waiting days for the spots to disappear is not wise; it can take hours to remove as it penetrates the root layers of the material. To prevent this, remove the stain from the material while it is still fresh. This will not only prevent the spill from ruining the entire material but also prevent the stain from spreading to the underlying wood. Wipe up the spill with a piece of microfiber cloth to minimize its spread to unaffected parts of the material.

Vacuum the material prior to the cleaning process

Most vacuum cleaners today offer high suction power. When planning to clean a material full of spots and stains, it is necessary to vacuum first to absorb dust, dirt, and other forms of waste. It is more difficult to remove dust and dirt when the cloth is wet. Most vacuum cleaners also have special attachments for removing dirt trapped in cracks and crevices. Specify the type of cleaner Knowing the type of fabric helps to choose the right cleaner. Most fabrics have a cleaning label to help you know what type of cleaning to use. For example, W means that water-based cleaners can be used; S means that only anhydrous or dry solvents should be used. WS means it’s okay to use water-based solvents or dry cleaning, and X means no water-based solvents or dry solvents. Code X often appears on leather sofas that require professional cleaning.

Below are two tips for dealing with common types of stains;

  • Dark spots on light leather upholstery

Dark spots can be removed by making a paste with one part tartar and one part lemon juice. Apply the paste to the stain and let it soak for ten minutes before applying another layer of paste. Apply moisturizing soap to a moistened sponge and use it to wipe the paste from the substance. Remember that you should apply the paste more than twice when dealing with dark spots.

  • Ink stains

Ink stains can be removed by dipping a cotton swab in 70% isopropyl alcohol and rubbing it on the area. For stubborn ink stains, use a thick layer of non-greasy cuticle remover. Leave it on overnight and wipe it off with a damp cloth the next morning.

These are the main steps you need to take to clean your sofa upholstery. If one is not sure how to proceed, it is recommended to hire a professional cleaning company.