This is Why Email Marketing is Important for Businesses of Any Size

This is Why Email Marketing is Important for Businesses of Any Size

Email marketing is an incredible enhancement for so many companies, whether its service based, B2B, educational or strictly eCommerce, everyone is going to benefit from investing in this digital channel. A lot of businesses skip out on all the benefits of email marketing, or they opt for dated designs and erratic schedules simply because they’re not paying the time or attention needed to produce compelling, effective emails. If you’re thinking of investing in email marketing services and you’re not quite convinced enough to start searching for support, read on. This is why email marketing is important for businesses of any size…

Return on Investment 

Email is the number one most profitable digital marketing channel, which is what makes it such a powerful tool for literally every size and kind of business out there. Email promises a staggering 40% return on every dollar invested, which is a very impressive number when you consider the intangibility of the majority of results and outcomes that are presented when you’re exploring your options for digital marketing. If you have minimal capital but you’d still like to nurture your online presence whilst boosting your business, then email marketing is the way to do it. 

Consumer Connections 

About a quarter of the world is constantly connected to the internet or their phone in one form or another – when you think about that, it’s pretty bizarre to think that some companies are not taking advantage of the power that digital marketing has. Creating a connection with your customer base is essential, and one of the best things about emails is that you’re facilitating a relationship between your brand and a customer who has chosen to be in a conversation (of sorts) with you. 

Ongoing Promotions 

This fortified ongoing connection means that consumers who are most likely to be engaging with your products and offer will be the first to know about upcoming promotions or customer benefits. This means that your sales or one time offers are going to be generating as much revenue as possible. Effective promotions are going to add to your bottom line and continue to remind your customer base of the value that your business provides. With more and more purchases being made in the online space, promoting efficiently is going to ensure that your company remains competitive and profitable. 

Knowing your Audience 

Effectively communicating with your audience means that your chosen email specialist will take a dive into the who, what and where of your customer base. Your professional will look into when your database is most likely to engage with your online store or brand, and tailor your communication to these times. Additionally, your emails will be able to be customised, so each and every email sent feels personal to your clients. You can also tailor your product display sections (if you’re an eCommerce business), so that any items that an individual has been exploring on your website are displayed front and centre in your promotional content.  

Minimal Input, Maximum Output 

As noted above, email is the most financially wise digital channel to invest in – but it also saves you big on productivity, effort and general input. This is especially true when it comes to workflows. Work flows are a series of emails that are sent out following a spark off point, which will traditionally be when a customer signs up to your newsletter or leaves their email during an in store transaction. 

Varied and Engaging

Even though continuity and ease are a huge part of email marketing, the channel also presents the opportunity to create some new, exciting campaigns to keep your communication nice and fresh!

Brand Cohesion 

Finally, email marketing services enable you to add another vein of consistent branding to your overall company image. Your social media, emails, website, stores and all other forms of communication have to tie together to create a viable impression on your customer base.