Choosing the Colour Palette For your Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid dresses are notoriously hard to find, there are so many factors and elements that you have to keep front of mind in order to get it right. When you already have a thousand and one crucial wedding elements distracting you, it becomes very tiring and downright difficult to get anywhere with the bridal party dress decision. Pinning down a colour palette isn’t only going to help steer your bridesmaid dress choice, it’s going to give your whole wedding direction and aesthetic focus! Here’s how to find the right palette for your big day, and how to incorporate it into your bridesmaid dress search…

Think about the season

The time of year is a huge determinate of the style and feel of your wedding, so really it should be your first consideration when you’re looking at colours. A rich, dark and warm colour mood doesn’t really work for the summer season – it’s going to suit autumn or winter much better. By matching your palette to the time of year, your day is going to feel incredibly natural and well-styled.

Consider the wedding as a whole

Another big factor here is your wedding’s venue, and therefore the overarching theme, too. If you’re getting married on the beach then your day’s tone is going to be breezy, relaxed and bright. Maybe you’ll be having your ceremony at a luxurious hotel? Then it’s going to feel more contemporary and formal. Use the theme of your wedding day as a guide to your colours, a classic style wedding will look odd with pops of neon pink in the palette. Keep your wits about you and stick to colours that blend seamlessly with your theme.

Try out…

A few classic wedding colours that you can’t really go wrong with include white, cream, duck egg, dusty pink, mauve, navy and mint green. All of these work beautifully at most weddings. If you’re well and truly stumped, just remember that, when in doubt, it’s always best to stick to the neutrals!

Using your palette in your bridesmaid dress hunt

Now, time to use that palette to pick the right bridesmaid dresses for you and your bridal party…

Look at each bridesmaid

Firstly, you need to remember that each member of your bridesmaid is their own person with their own tastes, preferences, shape and colouring. It’s no good picking a peach tone if it totally washes out one bridesmaid and makes her feel awful. Have a chat about colours to see if there are any strong feelings going around the group, of course, you have the final say but it’s always good to get some initial feedback to avoid any upset or discomfort down the line. A neutral tone that flatters a range of different skin and hair colours will always be best.

Don’t forget your own dress

Yes, you’re most likely wearing a white dress, but that doesn’t mean that you should disregard the importance of your wedding dress’ colour! There are so many nuanced shades of white out there, and the big deciding factor is really the undertone. Firstly, is it a warm or cool white? Cool-toned whites are crisper, with a slightly blue, silver or grey tinge to them. Warmer whites have more of a yellow, cream or pink suggestion to them. Once you’ve got the tone of your dress down, you can look at either warm or cool colour families for your bridesmaid dresses. Say you were thinking of the colour pink, you could either do a cool pink with more of a purple or blue undertone, or you could do a warmer one with more peach or orange to it. Use your dress as the anchor for undertone, and your dresses will all complement and suit you perfectly.

Keep an open mind

Always stay mindful and allow yourself to be flexible. It’s so hard to keep an open mind when it comes to wedding planning, but by doing so you’re actually saving yourself so much stress and hassle. So what if the dresses are two shades lighter than the colour of the napkins – no one will notice and once you’re walking down that aisle neither will you!