The four principles of gift giving

The four principles of gift giving

Since gift giving is an art, it has its own established rules. There are mysteries about who, what and how to give gifts. We must not give gifts indiscriminately. If you want to send gift to china, it is important to know the etiquette of Chinese gifts. According to some successful gift giving experiences and lessons from failures at home and abroad, we should pay attention to the following principles:

The right price for the gift

 In fact, a gift that is too cheap and meaningless can easily be misinterpreted as a sign of contempt, especially for someone who is not close to you. However, a gift that is too expensive can make the recipient of the gift look like a bribe, especially to a leader or colleague. Giving an inappropriately priced gift can easily cause you and the recipient some trouble. Therefore, we need to choose a gift that is light and heavy enough for the other person to accept happily.

Spacing your gifts appropriately

There is a lot to be said for the spacing of gifts – too often, too often or too long between gifts is not appropriate. Gift-givers may be generous or eager to ask for help, so they often send large bags to the door. Some people think that this generosity will win them over, but it often turns out badly. The reason is that such frequency of gift-giving is too purposeful. In addition, you may also be inadvertently adding to the pressure on the other person. In fact, the most appropriate time to give a gift is on an important holiday or anniversary. This way the gift is not abrupt and the recipient feels happy, the best of both worlds.

Understanding customs and taboos

Before giving a gift, you should know the identity, preferences and ethnic habits of the recipient so that you don’t get into trouble. A man went to visit a patient in hospital and brought a bag of apples as a token of sympathy, but this led to trouble. The gift-giver was unaware of the situation and it was a disastrous situation. Take this as a lesson, when giving a gift, make sure you think it through so as not to create a problem. For example, don’t send a bell, because “bell” and “end” harmonize, so people feel unlucky; to the highly cultured intellectuals you send a lame painting and calligraphy is very uninteresting; to the Muslims to send a gift with the image of a pig as a decorative pattern, may make people You might get blown off. Perhaps bouquets are appropriate for every occasion, and when you send flowers to China, there are certain requirements for bouquets.

Gifts should be meaningful

A gift is a vehicle for affection. Any gift is an expression of the giver’s unique feelings, whether it is a thank you, a request for help, or a bonding experience. So it is important that the gift you choose matches your intentions and makes the recipient feel that your gift is extraordinary and valuable. In fact, the best gifts should be chosen according to the interests of the other person. When choosing a gift, consider the thoughtfulness, artistry, fun and memorability of the gift, and try to be original and unconventional.

How to give gifts to clients

  Gifting is an important initiative in interpersonal communication. A successful gift expresses friendliness, respect or some other special emotion to the recipient, and therefore makes a lasting impression on them. There is also a great deal to be learned about how to return a gift. It is a reflection of your grooming, friendliness and respect.