Should You Get Dental Implants If You Are Pregnant in Boston?

Should You Get Dental Implants If You Are Pregnant in Boston?

When a person gets pregnant, they have to go through a lot of changes in their daily lifestyle. Not only that but when it comes to taking medications or going through procedures, there are a lot of things to consider in terms of whether it’s okay for the child and the parents. While it is true that having good oral health can tremendously help, there are some concerns regarding whether dental implants are safe. A dentist for North Coconut Creek dental implants can help you understand that so that you can make an informed decision. 

What happens to your oral health when you are pregnant?

When a person is pregnant, their entire body goes through changes, as does their oral condition. Since there are a lot of hormonal changes, even the risks associated with gum diseases and tooth decay increase. Since the risk of your oral health declining increases, it becomes more important to go for regular checkups. 

If you do not go for regular checkups or fail to maintain your oral health, it can affect not only your health but also that of your baby. There have been studies that indicate how much pregnancy can be affected by bad oral health.

Can you get dental implants?

It is generally recommended that if a person is pregnant, they wait until the delivery is done to get dental implants. It’s important for you to sit down with your dentist to plan the dental procedure before it’s too late and go for interventions if needed before pregnancy. 

If it so happens that you are already pregnant but learned about it after getting the dental implants, you should get an opinion from a dentist near you to ensure everything is fine.

It is important to note that things like X-rays and sedation are usually safe for women. However, there are some reasons why dentists ask you to wait until childbirth to get your dental implants. The main reason is that when someone goes for dental implants, the hormones can affect the success of the implants. There is a process called osseointegration in which the jawbone and the implant are fused together. The entire process can be affected because of hormonal changes.

Final thoughts:

If you have more questions about your specific case, getting a consultation in Coconut Creek can put your mind at ease.