Pointers to Consider When Planning a Golf Club  Wedding in Sydney

Pointers to Consider When Planning a Golf Club  Wedding in Sydney

With an area spanning over 12,000 square kilometres, Sydney is Australia’s largest metropolis and home to almost twenty-three per cent of the country’s population. The city used to be a mere British penal colony but has successfully transformed itself into one of the most influential and financially stable cities in the world.

Apart from boasting a high-income economy, Sydney is also recognised for its undeniable beauty and tourist attractions. From breathtaking beaches and natural harbour to remarkable architecture and Australia’s best golf courses, it is not surprising that the Emerald City enticed millions of visitors every year, including couples who desire a splendid golf club wedding.

If you are one of the many engaged couples who are planning to celebrate their wedding in one of the impressive golf clubs in Sydney, here are several tips to make the day hitch-free and truly memorable:

Put Everything in Writing

While there are more than seventy private golf clubs in the city, the most suitable ones for a notable wedding are those overlooking gorgeous beaches. If you found such a perfect location for your grand day, secure the venue as soon as possible.

Talk to the golf club’s event representative and discuss your preferred date and time, the venue for the ceremony and reception, and other crucial details. Once you reach an agreement, make sure that you put everything in writing. Remember that a verbal agreement and a handshake mean nothing unless you sign a contract.

Make Use of In-House Coordinators

No matter how much you want to be on top of every little thing on your wedding day, you do not have the time or energy for it. Instead of stressing yourself out and missing the moment, it is best if you rely on wedding coordinators provided by the venue.

Golf clubs that offer wedding packages have a team of event specialists who can take the burden off your shoulders. Note that they do not only have the experience and skills, but they also have access to all wedding vendors and suppliers that offer high-quality services at affordable rates.

You and the team can work together to plan the details of your dream wedding. After you have sorted out the specifics, you can leave everything on their abled hands and enjoy the experience. There is no need to worry as the team will be there with you every step of the way.

Invest in a Seasoned Wedding Photographer

Immortalise your incredible golf club wedding by hiring an excellent wedding photographer who has the skills to capture the moment and the breathtaking background. Keep in mind that you chose to hold the wedding in a golf club primarily for its perfectly manicured lawn and the unhindered view of the beach and sky.

What good is a spectacular view if you cannot see it on your wedding pictures? Your friends may have an expensive camera, but only a professional wedding photographer has the eye to capture images that will make the memories come alive even after many years have passed.

Keep Your Guests in Mind

Do not forget your guests when planning your golf club wedding since they will take time off their busy lives to celebrate and be there with you. Ask the club to assist you in booking affordable accommodations near the wedding venue for your friends and family who are coming from far places.

You can also set up a game of golf and other activities for guests who are coming the day before to keep them entertained. Golf clubs have the best amenities, so make sure that you explore and use them to keep everyone happy.

The items mentioned above are some of the pointers you may want to consider as you prepare to celebrate your wedding in one of the finest golf clubs in Sydney. Do not leave anything to chance. Plan well and take care of the crucial details so that you and your guests will experience an event that you will fondly remember for a long time.