Marmoleum, Rubber, and Vinyl Flooring for Your Dream Home in Sydney 

Marmoleum, Rubber, and Vinyl Flooring for Your Dream Home in Sydney 

Sydney is home to the largest central business district in Australia. As such, a lot of people are choosing to reside and migrate to this metropolitan area. Additionally, even if it is not the biggest city in the country, it has over 80,000 apartments and houses. It is estimated that over 192,000 homes will be constructed in Sydney over the next five years. If you are planning to build a new home, Marmoleum, rubber, and vinyl flooring in Sydney are some of the most popular choices you have when it comes to covering your house ground. Read on if you would like to know which option is best for your dream place.


Marmoleum is an eco-friendly material that is slowly growing in popularity among homeowners in Sydney. One of its selling points is that it came from recycled materials. It is often made with a mix of tall oil, wood flour, and renewable sources like linseed oil, jute, and rosin. The sky’s the limit when it comes to its design. If you are more into a classic feel, you can get a design that offers a marble-style look. You can also get solid hues if you want to keep your flooring simple and elegant.

Another reason why Marmoleum is becoming one of the top choices for coverings is that it is perfect for those who do not like messy floors. This material is very easy to clean, and it does not emit any toxic elements. It even has antibacterial properties that prevent odours and can keep dangerous microorganisms from multiplying. Those who have allergies and asthma will surely love walking on Marmoleum even in their bare feet. 


If you have a kid at home, having a rubber flooring can ease your worry as a parent. This kind of material is usually made from natural rubber trees or synthetically remanufactured from recycled products.

One of the advantages of using rubber as your flooring is that it is water-resistant and has an anti-slip feature. It is also very durable and cannot easily be destroyed upon impact. Because it is soft to the touch, your kid will be spared from any major injury if he hits the floor. Furthermore, if you think that having a rubber flooring would make your house look boring, think again. Manufacturers nowadays often produce them in varying designs to make them more appealing to kids. 

Aside from using rubber in your child’s room, it is also perfect when placed in your gym area. Your husband would love working out on this soft floor and would find no need to enrol in Sydney’s expensive gyms.


Families who are on a tight budget would appreciate using vinyl. Aside from the material itself being cheap, installing it is very easy as well. Despite its price tag, the vinyl flooring in Sydney is just as durable as the other materials. Your kids and pets can round it all the time, and it will be as if nothing has happened on your floor. You will also greatly appreciate its ability to reduce noise. Hence, you need not worry about always hearing loud footsteps in your house.

While often overlooked, flooring is one of the crucial decisions you will make when designing your home. Some of the choices that you can look into are Marmoleum, rubber, and vinyl. Since all of them are heavy-duty, it will eventually boil down to your personal preference.