How ‘36 Vayasulo’ became one among the Inspiring Films that Feature a Strong Female Lead

How ‘36 Vayasulo’ became one among the Inspiring Films that Feature a Strong Female Lead


36 Vayasulo, a movie becomes one among the inspiring films that feature a strong female lead. The movies also got a good place among Telugu motivational movies. Recently the movie was added in aha OTT. The response of the movie is now high among movies on Aha.

The movie also became a special one among the latest Telugu movies online. It’s all the reasons behind the credits are the characterization of Jyothika in the movie. The content, which the director elevated in the movie, is the main strength to the movie.

It is a big relief to the audience, who tiered with routine content of latest Telugu movies online.  To watch it, you have to browse the movies on aha.  Let’s know about the movie before going to watch on Aha.


Vasanti (Jyotika) is a common house wife, who has self confidence. She lives together with her husband Ram Prasad (Rahman). She wants to go to Ireland. However, visa issues are also complete.  On the other hand, Vasanthi suddenly gets a call from the President of the country. With that,Vasanti becomes famous.

The news got viral about her on social media and electronic media. Meanwhile, she falls down in the tension of popularity while she meets the President of the country. She lost her popularity and faced critics, as she got popularity accidentally. She also gets linear at home, on the street, in the office.

Ramprasad also leaves for Ireland with his daughter.  Vasanthi tries to get herself in her loneliness.  Then sharpen her strength and overcome her own weaknesses.  Again the call comes from the President.  How is this possible?  How did an ordinary housewife reach the presidency ?  That is the story

Browse the movies on Aha and find 36 Vayasulo in latest Telugu movies online

Artistes’ Performances:

Jyothika’s stunning performance as a strong housewife keeps the audience eye locked to the screen. To tell about the artistes’ performance in the movie, it is the one woman show. She managed all over the film and performed fantastic in all kinds of emotions.

Jyothika apt for the role of a middle aged woman with self confidence. To tell about others after Jyothika’s character, we should talk about Rahman’s role.  It is another vital role in the film.  Rahaman excelled in his role.


The director Roshan Androos succeeded in elevation of a point that ‘Is there a deadline for girls’?, which question shakes the President of the Country.  What is the status of girls in the crucial roles in politics like Prime Ministers and Presidents positions of our country till date? The director portrayed the real strength of women. The gripping screenplay made everyone involved in the story.

The songs are short but blend into the story while demanding the situations. The background music feels tremendous.


The story, screenplay and stunning performance of Jyothika’s as Vasanthi are the main highlights to the movie.

Cast and crew:

Cast: Jyothika, Rahaman, Abhirami, etc

Screenplay & Dialogues: Roshan Androose

Cinematography: R. Divakaran

Music: Santosh Narayan

Producer: Suriya

Browse the movies on Aha and find 36 Vayasulo in latest Telugu movies online


36 Vayasulo is an inspiring film with heart touching emotional family drama, which is trending high in latest Telugu movies online and among movies on Aha.