Grab AnOoni Pizza Oven from BBQs 2u and Avail Best Price Offer

Grab AnOoni Pizza Oven from BBQs 2u and Avail Best Price Offer

BBQs 2u is all set with new discounts and deals to mesmerize its customers. Last week they announced a 10% discount on most Kamado Joe Classic models and their accessories. Customers are also gaining huge benefits by purchasing bundles packages, which include Kamado Joe along with accessories. The leading barbecue retailer in the UK leaves no effort of impressing its customers with brands and models.

This small family business is passionate about barbecue and therefore they want all UK citizens to feel the same. With their exclusive deals and offers, they intend to keep the love for grilling among people alive. Apart from grillers they also provide the best baking appliance from the Ooni brand.

Ooni is the world’s number 1 brand in pizza ovens. These Ooni Pizza Ovens bake wood-fired pizzas for any backyard party or a simple home gathering.

Though there are endless products sold by the Ooni brand, BBQs 2u believes in bringing only the best models in the UK market –

  • The OoniFyra pizza oven is powered by wood pellets and heats up to 500°C in 15 mins. It has a pizza stone base, which allows excellent heat retention to give a crisp pizza base.
  • OoniKaru pizza oven delivers more fuel options. Customers can cook either using, charcoal, wood pellet, or Ooni Gas burner by attaching it to the oven.
  • It comes with an extra-thick baking stone and is extremely well insulated. This allows us to produce excellent pizzas in under 60 seconds.
  • The OoniKoda 12 Gas power oven for pizzas boasts outstanding pizza-making capabilities. It can prepare a 12-inch pizza in just 60 seconds. It also includes legs that fold flat for easy storage and can be used for a variety of other dishes.
  • The OoniKoda 16 Gas power oven for pizzas can hold a huge 16-inch pizza. Its L-shaped flame allows pizzas to cook perfectly all around. It’s gas-powered, which means it heats up quickly and takes only 20 minutes to prepare.
  • The Ooni Multi-Fuel Outdoors Oven is designed to be used on gas, wood pellets, or charcoal. It can bake the biggest pizza for any occasion. A perfect oven for huge gatherings in the backyard.

Ooni pizza oven is also transportable, which makes it a perfect gadget for picnic spots.

Why do BBQs 2u love Ooni so much?

The versatility to cook on any options like gas, charcoal, or wood pellet makes it an ideal choice for all customers. Not everyone can find charcoal, and during winters it is impossible to get dry wood in the backyard unless purchased. Thus, the gas burner is the best option on a snowy day.

Even if there aren’t any discounts currently on BBQs 2u online retail site on the Ooni brand, the price offered by them is still decent. And purchasing a bundle package is more advantageous than buying a single. BBQs2u is always prepared with new offers, let’s not forget their Friday Black deals. To know what is grilling this Friday in their deals, follow them on their Pinterest account. Their customer reviews on review sites like Trustpilot, Trusted Shops, and 642 Certified reviews speak about their efficiency and dedication.