Air-Purifying Indoor Plants You Can Add to Your Office Design

Air-Purifying Indoor Plants You Can Add to Your Office Design

The inner city of Sydney stretches to 10 square miles; the urban area is 651 square miles, while Greater Sydney is 4,775 square miles big. Across the globe, Sydney ranks 7th place in terms of the highest percentage of people who are born overseas. Also, the annual population growth of Sydney accounts for 75% of immigrants. The main languages spoken in the city is English, Mandarin, Arabic, and Vietnamese.

Since it is one of the most livable destinations in the world and one of the most expensive as well, there is no question that Sydney is a prosperous city with lots of tall buildings, architectural structures, and world-famous landmarks. But, these modern buildings can have unintentional adverse effects, such as lack of airflow that causes sick building syndrome or asthma. Fortunately, incorporating air-purifying indoor plants Sydney into your office building can help address this problem.

The Importance of Air Quality Indoor

Did you know that the synthetic building materials and furnishings, including the carpets in your office building, contain more chemicals than you expect? These comprise about 90% of indoor air pollution? Even coffee tables made from particleboard materials are releasing gases. Also, furniture upholstery and wall paint are items that can emit volatile organic compounds.

Indoor plants are your cost-effective way of improving the air quality inside the workplace. These purifying plants help boost relative humidity and reduce CO2 emission levels. They work as natural humidifiers and eliminate stale air; thus, preventing irritation to the lungs, eyes, throat, and nose.

The following are examples of indoor plants that can help purify the air indoors, while also being a decorative element to your office design.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are relatively small indoor plants in Sydney, which makes them perfect for compact spaces in the office. Keep these plants in a cool area and keep their coil moist. It is easy to grow peace lilies, and they bloom a lot in the summer.


You have over 40 varieties of dracaenas to choose from, enabling you to find the perfect plants for your workplace. You need to have more space and bigger pots to accommodate dracaena plants, as they usually grow up to three feet tall. These plants prefer some mists over water.

Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

Also known as snake plant, it is one of the most robust plants you can have. It does not wilt and die quickly, as it can thrive well in drier conditions. You also do not need to water a mother-in-law’s tongue plants. They make great office plants because they can tolerate any level of lighting.

Potted Garden Mums

Mums are attractive blooms that will add colour to your office interior. You can place them in a spot that receives less sunlight. Keep in mind that these perennials require occasional deadheading to encourage them to bloom further.

You can easily transplant these air-purifying indoor plants Sydney if they outgrow their old pots. Opt for organic soil and clay pots to prevent air pollution inside. Cut any protruding roots from the pot drainage holes, as they can trap the plant inside. When repotting your plants, water them first in their original pots before the transfer. This will give them the best chance to bloom and flourish.