A Beginners Guide to Car’s Paint Protection Film (PPF) in Brisbane

A Beginners Guide to Car’s Paint Protection Film (PPF) in Brisbane

Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, is a significant hub for research and innovation. It contributes much to Queensland continuous economic expansion. In 2019 alone, Brisbane City Council reported that the city’s economy worth over $170 billion, with over 200,000 registered businesses. One of the thriving industry in Brisbane is the vehicles’ paint protection film sector.

Services that provide paint protection film in Brisbane design their products to provide the best coverings for vehicles, offering necessary protection to maintain the vehicles’ appearance for a more extended period. This article lays down the essential details you need to know about the car’s paint protection film in Brisbane.

What is Paint Protection Film of PPF, and how does it work?

Paint protection film or PPF for cars, otherwise known as a wrap or clear bra, is a protective shield that primarily aims to preserve the car’s paint. Initially introduces for military purposes during the Vietnam war, automotive paint protection film has now evolved into a top-quality thermoplastic urethane film which is applied as the top coat of the vehicles’ painted surfaces.

It protects the car’s original paintwork from contaminants, scratches, and rock chips. While it can be applied to the entire vehicle, most people used it only on painted surfaces, mirrors, and headlights. They may also choose a particular coverage option, which includes a track pack, full front, and standard front.

PPF, however, has no impact on the light’s intensity or the unobstructed view offered by the mirrors. PPF is available in a wide range of colours or as an optically clear version in various levels thickness.

What are the types of PPF?

Although the 3M corporation was the first one to developed PPF and eventually modified it for automotive purposes, multiple manufacturers have offered PPF services today. Some leading PPF products include 3M’s Pro Series line and Suntek paint protection.

PPFs are also sold in various brand names, which include Clear Mask, Clear Bra, Invisible Shield, Clear Wrap, Rock Chip Protection, and Car Scratch Protection Film.

What are the benefits of PPF for your car?

Aside from preserving the paint and appearance of the cars, paint protection film also provides the following benefits:

  • Serves as an invisible superior protective shield: One of the significant benefits of PPF is that it is entirely invisible. It protects the car from scratches, rusts, discolouration, burns and chemical damages without getting noticed. It also protects the car’s paint from the damaging effect of UV radiation, allowing the vehicle to maintain its bright and vibrant colour.
  • Retain the car’s resale value: Used car buyers tend to prioritise the vehicles’ appearance. Even if the vehicle operates smoothly, having a poor appearance would significantly reduce its appraisal. PPF help preserve the colours and appearance of the cars, thereby increasing its resale value.
  • Easier car maintenance and saves money on repairs: Keeping the car clean and looking good needs time and effort. Since PPF repels debris, the car’s exterior would be free of dust. Hence, car owners do not have to clean it frequently, and cleaning becomes more effortless. Also, PPF offers a waxy look for the car, thereby eliminating the need to use wax. Its anti-scratch and anti-damage features also help reduce the need for regular repair.


Paint protection film helps preserve the look of your vehicles for longer by shielding them against damaging sunlight, contaminants, rough cleaners, bird droppings, and scratches. Apart from safeguarding your cars’ shiny appearance, PPF help retains their resale value. There are many shops that offer paint protection film in Brisbane, so if you’re in need, you can contact one.