4 Interesting Ways To Decorate Your Home Using 3×5 Rugs! 

4 Interesting Ways To Decorate Your Home Using 3x5 Rugs! 

Area rugs come in all different sizes, but one of the most up-and-coming rug sizes is 3×5 rugs—which is largely due to their overall versatility in decorating smaller household areas. 

There simply are countless parts of a home that are too small for traditional rug sizes, and 3×5 rugs just so happen to be a fun décor idea for these flooring spaces. Although every rug shopper must do their own precise measurements in order to know if a 3×5 rug will fit in their preferred area, the odds are that you’ll easily be able to place this rug size in your living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom or foyer areas. 

If you know for a fact that you’d like to purchase a 3×5 rug and that this rug size will fit within your desired space, then you’re ready to begin your industry research. We’ve luckily partnered up with the rug experts over at Rug Source, Inc. to provide you with four interesting ways to decorate your home using 3×5 rugs. 

So, take it from the Rug Source specialists in that the following décor tips can help you make the very most out of these area rug investments! 

Foyers & Entryways 

If your home has inviting, open entryways either by your front or back doors, you’ll likely want to spice these areas up with a smaller area rug. 3×5 rugs often fit perfectly within these household spaces, and they offer a great opportunity for you and your guests to brush your shoes off upon entering your home’s interior. 

A lot of homes can only fit runner rugs into their entryways and foyers, but if your entryway has some extra space, you’ll be able to place a 3×5 rug within it. 3×5 rugs also do a wonderful job at defining where exactly your foyer begins and ends, which is important for open floor plans. 

Rug Layering With 3×5 Rugs 

Rug layering refers to placing two or more area rugs on top of each other in order to develop a unique aesthetic and texture, and a lot of homeowners will place 3×5 rugs on top of larger rugs as a unique décor element. This is often considered to be an affordable strategy when you’d like a unique Oriental rug design, but can’t afford a large Oriental area rug. 

When you layer a 3×5 rug with other rugs, you’ll get a fully customized, unique look for your home! 

Reading & Breakfast Nooks 

If there’s a smaller area that’s separated from the rest of your living room, it could be a great spot to implement a breakfast or reading nook. One way to differentiate these nook-like areas is to place an area rug there, and 3×5 rugs are typically a perfect size for these specific household locations. 

Your area rug will essentially set this area apart from the rest of your room, which will be aesthetically pleasing and more inviting! 

Enclosed Porches 

If you’re lucky enough to have an enclosed porch at your home, you definitely should spice this area up with home décor elements like an area rug. Although enclosed porches come in all different sizes, it’s likely that a 3×5 rug will be the perfect size to go underneath a seating area or porch swing. 

Porches are beautiful places that allow homeowners to enjoy the outdoors without being exposed to the elements, and 3×5 rugs are great for making these spaces cozier and more stylish! 

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There’s a lot to love about implementing 3×5 rugs within your home’s décor, and the above tips are just a few options that you can consider when you’re interested in this particular size. 

One of the best things that any rug shopper can do for themselves is hire an industry specialist to help them with their shopping; however, this is often easier said than done while shopping online. But the good news is that there are reputable online rug outlets like Rug Source that go above and beyond to ensure that their customer support is comprehensive and elaborate. This means that you’ll be able to work directly with a rug expert—without needing to leave your home! 

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