October 20, 2023

Private messaging for legal professionals - Maintaining confidentiality

Confidentiality is paramount in the legal profession. Lawyers have an ethical duty to protect sensitive client information. With the rise of electronic communication, upholding confidentiality is challenging. Emails and text messages seem ephemeral, but they leave a digital trail. Fortunately, new private messaging tools allow legal professionals to communicate securely. These platforms use encryption to protect message content. The messages self-destruct after reading, leaving no trace. Private messaging enables lawyers

Temporary notes - Secure way to exchange sensitive information

Digital worlds today are more dependent than ever on privacy and security. Personal conversations and business documents are constantly shared online and through messaging apps. Communication is easier with connectivity, but cyber-attacks and data leaks are also at risk. This simple web application allows you to create encrypted, self-destructing text notes. The recipient views the note by clicking on a generated link – after reading, the note disappears from Privnote’s