Temporary notes – Secure way to exchange sensitive information

Temporary notes - Secure way to exchange sensitive information

Digital worlds today are more dependent than ever on privacy and security. Personal conversations and business documents are constantly shared online and through messaging apps. Communication is easier with connectivity, but cyber-attacks and data leaks are also at risk. This simple web application allows you to create encrypted, self-destructing text notes. The recipient views the note by clicking on a generated link – after reading, the note disappears from Privnote’s servers. No copy is stored or retained anywhere.

Privnote uses state-of-the-art encryption to protect notes in transit and at rest. The contents are encrypted before leaving the creator’s browser, ensuring not even Privnote’s servers access the plaintext. The unique link acts as the decryption key, so only the intended recipient with that link unlocks and views the note. Once opened, the note is displayed in the recipient’s browser short-term before being permanently erased from Privnote’s database. The system does not allow forwarding, copying, or printing to prevent screenshots. It means the information vanishes after reading.

Key features

Here are some of the standout features that make Privnote a secure text message box:

  • Total Ephemerality – Messages self-destruct after being read once, leaving no records or trails. It safeguards privacy and reduces evidence.
  • End-to-End Encryption – Contents are encrypted locally before transmission and never stored unencrypted. Not even Privnote’s servers decrypt messages.
  • No Account Needed – You don’t need to register an account or register to use Privnote. No credentials are stored.

Common privacy and security 

Privnote’s unique combination of encryption, ephemeral messages, and access control makes it useful for many scenarios where privacy protection and data security matter. 

  1. Sharing sensitive info at work

Privnote is great for sharing confidential work-related information like project details, meeting notes, passwords, or instructions across teams. It prevents unintentional leaks via company emails and networks. Messages vanish after reading to avoid evidence.

  1. Personal communication

You use Privnote to discuss private topics with friends and family over insecure public networks or devices. Sharing health details over public WiFi or temporary access to a utility account from an untrusted computer.

  1. Tip submissions and whistleblowing

Sources use Privnote to anonymously submit tips, leaks, or confidential documents to journalists without revealing their identities. The ephemeral nature reduces evidence risks.

  1. Cybersecurity research

Privnote allows securely communicating vulnerabilities, exploits, or tools with other researchers without sharing details. Entries are destroyed provably after peer review.

  1. Online marketplaces

When buying or selling online, Privnote allows securely exchanging addresses, phone numbers, or payment details with strangers before establishing trust. No personal details remain stored after the deal.

  1. Tech support and customer service

Privnote allows customers to share diagnostic data, screenshots, or device details with reduced privacy risks. Support agents share passwords and temporary access securely.