Working Remotely From Your Camper Trailer – A How To Guide

Working Remotely From Your Camper Trailer - A How To Guide


We are all faced with a totally different way to live our lives at the moment, and whilst this huge reshuffle is a bit daunting, it actually poses so much opportunity and excitement for a shift in our routines! Being able to take something drastically upsetting and difficult such as a global pandemic and turning it into a positive opportunity to grow is a beautiful thing – so if you’re able to, why wouldn’t you jump at the chance? Working from home can be done wherever you please as long as you have the right amenities on your hand. Your camper trailer really is your home away from home, making it the perfect spot for a few adventurous days of office hours! Here’s how you can set up your very own remote home office in your camper trailer this winter…

The Right Camper Trailer

First things first, your new office! The camper trailer that you choose is integral to a successful working from nature operation, so make sure that you’ve got the right fit on your hands before you even think about packing that work bag. A lightweight forward or rear fold trailer is going to be great as it gives you an insulated interior with a hard floor. Look for compact models that can accommodate your office, your camping essentials and any companions you’ve brought along for the ride. Camper trailers do not come cheap however they are a long term investment that provides you with all the freedom, comfort and adventure you could possibly need for incredibly camping trips year in, year out. If you don’t have the money for a shiny new model right now, you can always check out your options for second hand camper trailers! There are some amazing finds out there, it’s all a question of doing some digging!

Tech Stuff

You’ll definitely need to take careful stock of your technical equipment, and all that depends on what it actually is that you do for work! Most of us will be using a laptop and all the paraphernalia that comes with one. You can bring extras like a waterproof case, charger extension, wireless headphones and whatever else you need to set up your mini remote office.

All of The Amenities

Your camper trailer should be able to give you everything you need to feel pretty comfortable whilst you’re working away. This means things like filtered water, some form of toilet, food in whatever capacity you wish and storage. Given that it’s winter, you might also want to look into a little heater to keep you cosy. Stay precise with your preparations, pack using a checklist and kit yourself out properly to ensure that you’re sorted with everything you might need. This includes bringing along face masks, plastic gloves, hand sanitizers and antibacterial wipes.

Close Proximity

If you’re unsure of how this working from your camper experiment is going to go, do yourself a favour and don’t stray too far away from home. This situation is changing moment to moment, so staying in close proximity is also going to give you peace of mind just in case anything shifts dramatically while you’re working away in the great outdoors. There’s nothing wrong with just dabbling in the different, do two or three days here and there and sandwich in the weekend for a fun little escape that’s safe.

Make it Mindful

Lastly, you just need to make sure that you’re being very attentive and mindful whilst you’re out and about. Keep a safe distance, always wash your hands, avoid coming into contact with at risk persons after you’ve been out and about – you know the score, stick to it.