What to Know When Moving Your Office

What to Know When Moving Your Office

Moving an office and moving your business from one place to another along with all the documents, equipment and furniture is a process that needs to be taken seriously and planned well according to office mover etobicoke.

Study the market and companies that offer wallet services and office transfers, meet with their ideas and discuss your plans and desires. It is a good idea to be as exhaustive as possible so that the company you are considering moving your property can get a real idea of the office relocation process and handle its task as quickly as possible.

Pay attention, and if you are not asked, do it – what kind of manpower will be needed, what equipment, boxes, packaging materials, what transportation. Discuss the opportunities and difficulties you may encounter with narrow lifts and the space required for parking trucks.

Make sure the company that will move your office has experience in this.

In the meantime, you will begin the necessary mandatory preparation of the equipment before transferring:

  • Group office equipment according to the trucks in which it will be loaded and paste colored sheets with the distribution of each piece of furniture and belongings, indicating what and where should be transferred to where in the new office should be left;
  • Use letters and numbers and different color indexes to create a code system through which to group them (write down the code on a separate sheet so you don’t forget it);
  • Designate equipment, folders, and small items in the same way to help your wallets not move them around when moving them and place them in the same place in your new office;
  • Throw away all unnecessary things – this will dramatically reduce the amount of things carried;
  • Make a copy of the scheme with all the codes, colors, letters, numbers and signs affixed to your furniture and belongings and give it to the wallets;
  • Give specific directions for the location of each item;
  • Make sure that the company that relocates your office has secured all edges, sills, entrances and exits so that it does not damage the furniture and appliances when exporting;
  • Make sure you pack your fragile items well.



  • Make sure there are no small items on your desk – pens, tires, photos, jewelry and other valuables;
  • Make sure you empty the drawers and take the keys inside if they are locked;
  • Make sure you do not leave any books and folders (especially with valuable archives) on the shelves and cabinets;
  • Make sure you turn off the equipment – computers, fax machines, water machines and coffee machines;
  • You took care of the plants in the office;
  • You put the fragile items in separate boxes and label them fragile;
  • You have replaced the colored leaflets with furniture and furnishings with the lists provided by the company and have described in detail which item should be left in the new building.

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