What Occurs During Your Initial BBL Therapy

What Occurs During Your Initial BBL Therapy

A dermatologist will analyze your skin during your first BBL visit to identify which regions to target. They will then devise a therapy plan that includes many laser therapy treatments. BBL treatments typically last 30 minutes or less, depending on the size of the treatment region. During Your medical spa Brighton doctor will apply a cooling gel and potentially a topical anesthetic to the treatment region during the BBL process. You will put on safety shields, goggles, or glasses to safeguard your eyes. You may also feel sensations, pulses, or minor discomfort. Your skin may seem red, puffy, or sunburned and feel slightly heated. Additionally, BBL therapies employ a wide range of wavelengths to target the underlying layers of your skin. This light energy is integrated by the skin, which increases collagen formation and removes pigmented (darker) skin cells.

How BBL treatment works

The BBL device releases broad-spectrum photothermal radiation, which is absorbed by the skin’s dark pigment (melanin) and the hemoglobin in blood vessels, causing redness. Pigmented skin cells are killed, and superficial blood vessels in the treated region are closed down when the higher layers of your skin absorb the heat and energy from the light. Within 7 to 14 days, any leftover dark pigment molecules peel or slough off. The body will continue to absorb fragments of the damaged blood vessels for several weeks. Furthermore, the light’s energy and heat can stimulate wound healing by producing new cells and increasing collagen formation.

Possible adverse effects of BBL therapy

Following your BBL treatment, you may experience sunburn-like burning, redness, and warmth. This soreness typically lasts only a few hours, although it might last several days. Apply a cold compress to the afflicted region for 10 to 20 minutes to alleviate swelling and pain. You may also observe pigment coming to your skin’s surface in the week after your first treatment. Redness, peeling, and swelling are other frequent side effects. Dark patches and freckles may deepen before gradually disappearing and flaking off, generally within 1 to 3 weeks.

Is BBL treatment safe?

The process is pleasant, noninvasive, and safe for persons with light, untanned skin. Since melanin absorbs light, olive or dark skin may experience adverse effects such as burning, hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation, and scarring along the therapy region. Chemical peels, some non ablative laser procedures, dermaplaning, and microneedling are safer skin rejuvenation choices for individuals with a lot of melanin in the skin.

BBL laser treatment is a usually safe and effective procedure that can help address a wide range of skin conditions, particularly those connected to skin appearance, with little to no discomfort. After your initial BBL technique, you should see changes in your skin. However, many treatments are frequently required to attain the desired result. You are advised to take care of your skin before and after each session to get the best results. Also, consult your doctor to discover whether BBL is suitable for you. Before developing a treatment plan, you can explore your concerns, desired outcomes, and financial possibilities.

You deserve to be comfortable in your flesh. That is why you should incorporate BBL laser treatment into your skincare routine. Call Gago Wellness to schedule your appointment today to learn more about BBL laser skin therapy.