What Are Your Options for Wireless Smart Devices

What Are Your Options for Wireless Smart Devices

If you’re thinking of installing smart devices around your home, you don’t necessarily need extra wiring or any professional assistance for that matter – not always in fact. And that is because a lot of Smart devices have wireless (battery-operated) variants. Wireless smart devices are super easy to install and set up by yourselves. 

Before delving into some of the options that you may have for wireless smart devices, what are such devices good for? Why are they suddenly so popular in the domestic market? 

Why Smart Devices Are Popular Among Domestic Consumers 

There are three things: The first one and the major reason most people lean towards is automation. Home automation brought around by smart devices is one of the easiest ways of automating your home, and that is because such devices are controlled through smartphones and voice assistants alike. While some feature built-in motion detectors too. 

Other than automation, smart devices are great for energy conservation purposes, where the automation features work to ensure that certain devices can save energy wherever they can. And with that do you know what that means? Lower utility bills every month! 

Now the last reason why smart devices are popular among domestic households is that certain devices serve as an added home security bonus. When you can control and manage, and even access smart devices from your smartphones and laptops as well as PCs, that means you can watch over your home from wherever you are.  

Wireless Smart Devices worth the Money 

Video Doorbells 

Video doorbells, wireless ones are going to be your new favorite. There are a ton of great smart devices out there sure, but only some have wireless variants. Not only are they just easy to install, but they also come with the same features as their wired counterparts. 

Now with smart video doorbells, homeowners need not worry about missing out on anything. How’s that possible though? Did you ever think you could answer your doorbell from your phone? Well, now you can. A smart video doorbell lets you access the device’s camera 24/7, which means not only can you use it as a surveillance cam for your front door, but also get notifications and answer the door.

You can also check, and speak to whoever’s out there. But get this, since you can answer the doorbell from your phone, it means you can literally be anywhere other than at home and still receive alerts whenever anyone’s at the door! 

Smart Smoke Detector 

A smart smoke detector is a hundred times better than any ordinary one for several reasons. But a wireless one is even better because it takes less than 2 minutes to install the device since no wiring is involved. 

Smoke detectors are essential for every household, as stated by the NFPA. And while regular smoke detectors tend to do the same work as smart ones, there’s a major difference. Where you would have had to choose between what kind of smoke detector to install (ionization and photoelectric smoke detectors) a smart smoke detector combines the functions of both. It can detect anything from smoldering to fast-burning fires. 

What it can also do is detect any carbon monoxide leaks – for which you would normally have to install a completely separate device altogether. 

Now smart smoke detectors aren’t just great at detecting potential hazards with their wide range of coverage, but they are connected to your smartphones and can send real-time alerts remotely n case of any problems. 

Smart Cameras

With smart cameras, you can just skip the whole hassle of hiring a security company that would set up your surveillance system for you. And when cameras are involved so is wiring. But here’s all that you should know about smart cameras. 

They come in wireless variants, they can be placed pretty much anywhere, and they are weatherproof so they are perfect for the outdoors as well as indoors. But what’s even better about these devices is that they are accessible and manageable through our smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even some PCs. So what does that mean? 

Where you would ideally have had to set up a monitor somewhere in your home that displays all camera video footage, you can simply just use your phones or laptops to watch over your home – that too from literally wherever you are! 

Smart Lighting 

Since lighting includes electricity and wiring, here’s the thing about smart lighting. One kind of smart lighting that’s commonly available is smart bulbs. Smart bulbs are LED bulbs that look just like any ordinary light bulb and all that they require is to be screwed into the existing lighting fixture. That means floor lamps, table lamps, chandeliers, and ceiling or wall lights as well. 

Generally, any sort of smart lighting does not require wiring, so if you were to ask whether they categorize under wireless smart devices, of course, they do. 

Wireless Smart Devices at FirstEnergy

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