What are the Don’ts of a Personal Injury Case? 

What are the Don'ts of a Personal Injury Case? 

You can easily avoid damaging your claim by being aware of the dangers to avoid. Isn’t it? Hence, before hiring a personal injury lawyer or connecting with The Stano Law Firm, here are a few Don’ts of a Personal injury case. Make sure you avoid these to hamper your case. 

Don’t ever leave the area

You must never try to leave the scene of an accident, no matter how terrible it may seem. You must know that this is not only against the law, but it could ultimately harm your case. Wait for the authorities and paramedics to arrive before leaving the accident scene.

Never Admit Mistakes

Even if you think you contributed to the collision, you should not confess guilt to the opposing driver, the responding police, or the insurance provider. This is due to:

  • You might be omitting vital details that caused the crash.
  • You won’t be able to go back and change your statement easily.
  • Your claim for compensation could be denied.

In the same way, avoid blaming any of the participants. Limit your thoughts and opinions and solely respond to the questions that are posed to you. Leave the talking part to your personal injury attorney during the settlement procedure.

Never consent to a fast settlement

Insurance companies are not your buddies, let’s face it. They’ll attempt to ignore your claim by giving you a vague estimate that is well below what you need. After all, saving their consumers’ money is their responsibility. Nevertheless, you give up your right to seek additional damages as soon as you sign the initial offer. Because of this, it is advised to wait to settle until you are fully recovered. You will be able to determine just how much money you require to pay for your medical care and associated costs.

Never Talk About Your Case

Never speak to anybody other than your lawyer about a personal injury lawsuit that is still pending. The very last thing you desire is an insurer finding out about misleading declarations because rumors have a habit of evolving as they circulate. It is advisable to maintain the specifics of your case under wraps because any data can be misused against you.

It is however imperative to state that this is not a comprehensive list. Depending on the complexity of your case, you may probably need to make more adjustments. Although, the starting point is unquestionably excellent. 

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