Wear Pink with Confidence and Tips to Style Your Outfit

Wear Pink with Confidence and Tips to Style Your Outfit

When people hear the word “Pink,” they automatically assume it is about girls or something suitable for the taste of women. The colour evokes many feelings, and not all of them are positive. People wonder if the colour is too girly or frivolous and if it makes women less assertive. People have labeled pink as a feminine colour.

In simple terms, they want to imply that women can look powerful when they avoid wearing the pink business shirt for women. However, Ella Hopfeldt begs to differ with this concept. To Ella Hopfeldt, pink denotes the new age for women, an age where acknowledging their weakness will come out as their strength. Where the traits of femininity will make them powerful, and their compassion and tenderness will act as a driving fuel for changes.

For this reason, they have ignited their desire to create the best business shirts for women. Even though People see this colour as an indicator of femininity, many young girls and women love adding lots of pink to their wardrobes. It makes them look soft and sweet according to the typical mindset, but you cannot say such a thing when it comes to hot pink. In this post, let us talk more about adding pink to your wardrobe while talking about the reason to wear pink confidently and how you can use pink in your outfit and business attire.

Let us start the discussion with why you should wear pink at work.

Why wear pink to work?

Pink may be a feminine colour or makes you look less assertive. Here is the listing of the reasons for you to know why you should add pink to your wardrobe and wear it to work.

  • To embrace your femininity
  • Anyone can wear it
  • It shows the badass attitude of the lady
  • Wearing pink does not mean an invitation
  • Men can also wear the colour
  • To stand out from the crowd
  • The colour matches perfectly with other colours

How to style hot pink in your outfits?

You can do a lot with hot pink and style your outfit in various ways. If you do not want to wear it away from your face, you can pair hot pink pants with a short sleeves simple black top. It will give you a modern, sleek look. On the other hand, you can pair a hot pink dress with a navy shrug to get a more feminine look. Note it is feminine, not girly.

You can also rediscover your business suit by opting for a hot pink business suit. Many companies are reinventing business suit options for women to make them look powerful without compromising their feminine look. If you want to appear bold while wearing your favorite hot pink, do not worry. Pair your hot pink skirt with a bold colour-blocked top to achieve the look.

If you want to have a casual look for a relaxing office day, do not stress. Try this pairing of a hot pink blazer with a cotton print button-front shirt and ankle-length dark denim jeans. You are all set with a preppy casual business outfit for the office.