Wanting an L Shaped Kitchen Layout? Here are Some Styles You Can Consider.

Wanting an L Shaped Kitchen Layout? Here are Some Styles You Can Consider.

The L-shaped kitchen is very versatile in nature as it can be used on both small and large kitchen while offering you an efficient kitchen layout. This very multifunctional modular kitchen has countertops on two adjacent walls that makes it look like the letter L. You can extend the leg of the kitchen according to the space available. Additionally, it is also one of the best ergonomically designed modular kitchen design. No matter if you are planning to redesign your traditional kitchen or want to add life to your dull kitchen, this is a great choice to opt for. Here are some L shaped modular kitchen ideas you can consider.

  1. L shaped kitchen for small size

l shaped modular kitchen designs is best for small spaces as it effortlessly uses the space to work in the kitchen and gives enough storage at the same time. Light colors are best for small L shaped kitchens, it helps them look bigger and spacious. In order to make your kitchen attractive, you can go for a brick style. It helps in giving a raw and classy look. For making it look huge and spacious, you can also have an open L shaped kitchen styles.

  1. Storage units in L shaped kitchen

Open shelving helps in making your kitchen look spacious and clean. It is perfect for small kitchen. For bigger and spacious kitchen banks of cabinets are great as they give you ample storage. For making it more functional, you can also add table and chair. As L shaped kitchen are known for its flexibility, they can also be experimented and designed in a number of ways to meet your pragmatic needs.

  1. L shaped kitchen with an island layout

Apart from giving you sufficient eating area in the kitchen, the island also adds a storage area. As it makes your kitchen look funky, island layout is perfect for a long and medium sized kitchen. Besides, it also gives you more space for chopping and cutting activities. For a much needed storage area, you can consult your designer and request them for adding shelves in the island so that you can keep appliances, baskets, condiments etc. For countertops, you can consider installing quartz. It makes your kitchen look classy. Apart from the countertop, the sinks are also made of quartz. It provides a clean and uniform look hence making the process easy.

  1. Bright colors for L shaped kitchen

Nowadays, traditional brown colors are out of trend, and vivid colors are back. If you want a contemporary look, then choose to have colorful cabinets. It tends to add harmony and add some life to your boring and dull kitchen. You can opt for colors like sea blue, plum, lime green and orange hues and make your kitchen colorful without making it look gaudy. A colorful backsplash is also a great idea to make your neutral kitchen pop. You can then complete the look with a matching rug.

  1. White L shaped kitchen

White is back in the trend. It makes your kitchen look elegant and neat. For adding some colors with it, consider choosing pale oak flooring. The combination of white and rusty brown adds a cozy yet aesthetic appearance to your kitchen.