Types of Poetry Competitions

Types of Poetry Competitions

Entering poetry competitions with various styles of writing helps boost one’s growth as a poet. Winning a contest comes with not only cash prizes but prestige as well. 

Free poetry competitions with cash prizes usually have different writing styles and themes that a poet is supposed to explore. 

Let’s take a look at different kinds of poetry competitions that take place. 

Types of Poetry Contests

The common types of poems are:

  • Poetry on loop
  • Rhyming
  • One-liner
  • 1-5-7 Poetry 
  • Haiku
  • Ode
  • Free verse

Poetry on Loop

This style of poetry writing is unique. The word which ends the previous line becomes the first word in the next line. Skills are usually assessed based on your ability to create a poem with any words. Loop is a great way of coming out of your comfort zone and explore new challenges as a poet. 


Rhyming is integral in poetry writing, but it’s not easy to rhyme in every line.  Rhyming poetry competitions are particularly very popular among novice poets. These kinds of contests usually come with significant prizes. 


In these kinds of free poetry competitions, a poet is supposed to express all his pocketed emotions in a single line. If you would like to assess your comprehensive writing skills, these are the kind of contests to enter. It is among the toughest form of poetry. 

1-5-7 Poetry 

This is a rather tough version of poetry. The poet’s grasp of syllables is examined. 1-5-7 define comprehensive writing of poetry.  In this contest, the poetry is usually a three liner, with 1-5-7 syllables count. 


Haiku is an advanced form of poetry. It is for skilled poets. In haiku, different lines have different syllables count. Haiku poems are short and are commonly about nature. 



An Ode is a poem address to an event, person, or thing. It offers praise to its subjects. If you address something or someone directly in free poetry competitions, you are definitely writing an Ode. 

Free Verse

There are absolutely no rules in free verse; you do whatever you wish. There are no rhymes, no lines of a particular length, or stanzas of a specific number of lines. Try a fee verse in free poetry competitions and enjoy the freedom of doing as you wish. 


There are many other types of poetry contests. Whichever you choose to participate in, do due diligence to ensure it is legitimate and reputed. One that will gain you the much-needed exposure as a poet.