Types Of Corporate Videos To Make

Types Of Corporate Videos To Make

Finally, Gillespie Productions give you some ideas for business videos to make to get you started.

It is important to keep the link within the company. It allows the latter to express themselves quickly and spread the message to all the teams.

“At the beginning of January, the big boss wishes to present his wishes. He has a niche and calls on the communication team to make a short video. Thank you, Janelle: in a few minutes, we could film him, do our editing, and broadcast his wishes to employees.”

Corporate Culture Video

It informs about values ​​and beliefs. If you have a rich identity, business philosophies, and unique values, an informative video will attract your customers and potential future candidates.

Employee Portrait Video

It is produced in a short and dynamic format, allowing your employees to express themselves and share their points of view and feelings vis-à-vis the company. It makes it possible to “humanize” the company and give it an authentic side while highlighting the main players who make it up.

Customer Testimonial Video

It allows one of your customers to share their experience. Once posted on your social networks, this video will allow you to gain credibility and enhance the image of your company.

The “Behind The Scenes” Video

Often called a “behind the scenes” video, it is a great way to highlight what differentiates you from your competitors. It shows how your business works and its culture in a less scripted and more natural format.

The “Key Figures” Video

It can be shared both internally and externally. It allows you to digitize an infographic in a format that is more pleasant to look at and much more dynamic.

How To Distribute The Corporate Video?

If your video with Corporate Video production Company for example is intended for your employees, you can distribute it on the internal collaboration platforms that your company uses, such as the intranet, Slack, and video email, and you can even create a dedicated platform for your videos. Company.

On the other hand, if you want the video to be seen by a larger audience, it would be better to share this video on your website and your social networks, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more, to reach potential customers as well as future candidates.

There you go; you know everything about corporate video and the reasons to get started by highlighting your employees. With our tips and scenario ideas, you have everything you need to succeed. So it’s up to you!