Top Places To Visit In Bhutan

Top Places To Visit In Bhutan

Bhutan, a unique carbon negative country with beautiful green, proud mountains and low intertwined valleys accompanied by coverage of at least 60% forest, is a splendid choice for a vacation. Happy locals are always friendly enough to welcome and help tourists, making the experience a memorable one. The ancient, unchanging traditions, architectural monuments, wildlife and forests make the place unforgettable. When planning a trip, several places to visit in Bhutan comes to mind. To maximize the benefits of the trip, here are the best places to visit in Bhutan:

  • COMO Uma Paro Hotel

This luxurious twenty-nine room hotel is at a very convenient location that can be reached from the Paro airport in only ten minutes by driving. During the drive from the airport, beautiful landscapes can be viewed of the Himalayan Mountains, dressed with thick pine forests.

The hotel offers spas and cool pools that could take all the stress of your mind and give you a relaxing stay. Elegant interiors indoors and the architecture coupled with sceneries outdoor and panoramic views of the Paro Valley are very awe-inspiring and mentally stimulating enough to spend hours looking at.

  • Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Sitting on the top of a nine hundred meters high cliff overlooking an exceptional blue pine forest, Tiger’s Nest Monastery has a beautiful view. There’s a chapel of butter lamps on the way, accompanied by a waterfall by the Snow Lion’s Cave.

The atmosphere surrounding it is holy, making it a perfect destination for anyone who might know the tale of how Guru Rinpoche rode into this place in Bhutan, on the back of a tigress, bringing Buddhism along with him. This fascinating tale, along with these sights, is more than enough to captivate the visitors, making it one of many incredible places to visit in Bhutan.


  • Buddha Dordenma

Overlooking the Thimphu city is Buddha Dordenma or Buddha Point. The Buddha statue sitting on the top measures 51.5 meters in height and is made of solid bronze, covered in gold paint. The smaller Buddha statues, of which 125,000 are present, are made from the same materials. One hundred thousand of them are eight inches tall, while the rest 25,000 are a foot high. A wide hall with gold painted carved pillars and artistic Buddhist murals painted on the walls awaits visitors inside. Inside sits a four-headed gold statue of Buddha.

  • Simply Bhutan

Simply Bhutan is a museum with a guided tour that can cover all your questions about life in Bhutan, Bhutanese culture, customs and traditions.

The ancient Bhutanese architecture of the museum is stunningly well preserved, being built with used timber and other materials from demolished houses, including doors and windows. And one could even take pictures of everything you’d like to inside.

A visitor can be educated in Bhutanese culture and learnt to dress in traditional fashion and cook wine rice. Archery and a dart game known as Khuru can also be participated in along with the locals.

A local artist who paints with his foot, named Pema Tshering, would also be happy to meet anyone interested in his paintings. At his shop, he can be observed painting and wouldn’t mind greeting people with a smile when spoken to.

  • Gangtey Valley

Gangtey Valley is a breathtaking place to be in April when flowers like rhododendrons and magnolias are in full bloom. Ferns, junipers, dwarf bamboo are also there to add to the flat and vast valley, which’s unlike any other in Bhutan, as it’s so open. While the flowers and the greenery may attract people to come when it’s warm, winter also has tourists’ attention.

Elegant black-necked cranes visit the Gangtey Valley to roost in the snow and perform mating dances to attract mates. This is most of the most picturesque places to visit in Bhutan, flourishing with natural beauty.

  • Zuri Dzong Hike

This hiking trail ensures you close up as well as a faraway view of nature in Paro Valley and the green mountains blanketed by forest cover. This is the oldest Dzong, wherein lies a meditation spot in a cave used by Buddha in the 8th century. This light nature hike can be finished in under two hours. When going on any hikes, remembering to buy travel insurance Singapore is extremely important in case of any accidents that might result in coverage of medical bills and important equipment. A lot of different kinds of accidents take place on hikes that could be difficult to recover from without travel insurance.

  • Punakha Dzong

This Dzong is the second oldest in the country, and the most elegant and majestic Dzong surrounded by Lilian coloured trees. It’s cleverly located between two rivers, namely Pho Chu (male) and Mo Chu (female), both of which noticeably different colours. It can easily be reached by a three-hour drive and by crossing an arched wooden bridge to access it.

  • Motithang Takin Preserve

Takin, the national animal of Bhutan, can be seen here at The Takin Preserve, which was specially created for the Takin to inhabit. The popular animal was said to have been mythically created by a ‘Divine mad man’, a Tibetan Saint, Drukpa Kunley, as some say that it’s the strangest animal they’ve laid eyes on. It looks like a combination of goat and oxen and closely resembles a sheep. The Takin Preserve was initially a mini zoo but was later converted into a National Park. Nearby is the BBS tower, which provides a beautiful view of the Thimphu City from above, with red prayer flags surrounding the tower.

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