Top 5 ways to plan corporate gifting for your staff

Top 5 ways to plan corporate gifting for your staff

Most of us would agree that corporate gifting is an art. It takes time to think of gifts that build company’s value, brand, and leave a lasting impression on the minds of staff. A corporate gift needs to be motivational and memorable at the same time. Some corporate gifts such as Zero Waste Hero client gift baskets make an excellent choice for staff, clients, and delegates.

Our article is dedicated to all those people looking for an answer in corporate gifting. Hope this helps you in choosing something worthy and impressive.

Top 5 tips to choose corporate gifting for your staff:

  1. Think of something that reflects your work culture. It should be fun to share with. You can gift a tee and shorts set for them to wear on Fridays. A casual Friday is the best thing you can give your employees. Sweatshirts or tracksuits also go well with the theme.
  2. Your corporate gift must look cool and worthy at the same time. Employees must be able to connect with it such as an interesting book on how to be successful, a free seminar to attend leadership skills, pen drives, laptop bag, etc…
  3. Concentrate on the presentation as well. Do not neglect the presentation of the gift or you will be losing the entire value regardless of how much budget you have invested in the gift. The way you wrap and present the gift creates a positive impression on the receiver.
  4. Check out various options in corporate gifting. You never know if you may be missing something unusual, unique, or economical that gifts exactly your company’s budget. Be clear of what you have in mind before reaching out the vendor or dealer. Allow them to guide you as per your budget as well.
  5. Environment-friendly and reusable gifts go a long way as these also pass a message to the receivers about individual responsibilities towards our planet. Thus, most companies are switching to Zero Waste Hero client gift baskets or something similar for their corporate occasions.

Regardless of whether you are buying the gift to celebrate, announce, or motivate people working for your company, a thoughtful gift is highly appreciated. Also, keep in mind your company’s brand value while buying gifts. Check out a few good options from your local vendor and discuss your budget before finalizing anything.