Things To Consider To Avoid Newport Beach Bicycle Accidents

Things To Consider To Avoid Newport Beach Bicycle Accidents

It is a truth universally acknowledged that prevention is better than cure. The truth of this statement can be felt with an increase in road accident cases where the reason for the accident is most often due to the negligence of another party. But still, one can ensure safety and avoid suffering from serious bicycle injuries by being aware of the common dangers concerning cycling. However, compensating for someone else’s fault would add up to the frustration and suffering that one experiences as a result of the accident. Therefore it is essential to hire an attorney to secure valuable legal guidance throughout the entire case proceedings. Procrastinating consultation with an attorney might create unwanted complicacies; therefore, work with an attorney today.

Safety Awareness To Avoid Bicycle Accidents:

Following the safety awarenesses mentioned below will help one to prevent any chance of an accident.

Be aware Of The Dangers Imposed By Car Doors: 

When suddenly opened, the doors of a four-wheeler pose an extensive risk of accidents for bicycle riders. The best way to avoid this is to keep a safe distance from the doors and assume that any door might suddenly open and hit one. If one is left with no option other than riding closer to a vehicle’s door, it is essential to lower the speed, preferably at a walking speed. This will give the bicyclist better control and considerable time to react.

Be Conscious Of Unexpected Right Turns:

Unacknowledged, last-moment right turns at the last moment are extremely common from drivers who have lost their focus on the road. Therefore as a bicyclist, to ensure the utmost safety, maintain a considerable distance from haphazard drivers whose behaviour seems inconsistent. It is also advised for a bicyclist to look over one’s left shoulder before advancing toward intersections. 

Maintain A Safe Distance: 

As it is extremely difficult to presume the thought process of other drivers, it is always a good idea to maintain a considerable distance that will allow one to react against sudden actions and decisions, for instance, unexpected stops and turns.

Avoid Riding On The Sidewalks And Follow The Bike Lane Strictly: 

The smooth surface of the sidewalk might tempt bicyclists, but one should always remember that riding on sidewalks will eventually pose a danger to pedestrians. Therefore stick to the bike lanes to make the road for all. If there is no presence of bike lanes on the road, one is legally bound to share the road with other motor vehicles.

Final Thoughts:

One must contact an attorney immediately if a bicycle accident has been caused due to the negligence of a third party. This will increase the chance of fair compensation by gathering all the relevant evidence legally.

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