These Unknown Dangers of the Internet May Affect Your Kids

These Unknown Dangers of the Internet May Affect Your Kids

As much as we want our kids to browse the internet safely and feel secure on social media platforms, we know it’s not possible because, no matter what we do, they will be exposed to several unknown online dangers one way or the other.

To mitigate the risks and dangers our kids could run into while using the internet, several companies have introduced monitoring and parental control apps to ensure their online safety. For instance, the best spy app for Android or iPhone can be used to constantly monitor our kids’ online activity.

Let’s not neglect the fact that the internet can be a powerful learning source for a kid’s overall education. But, at the same time, it also can expose them to several dangers that parents are unaware of. These dangers may seem innocent but they can be damaging and life-threatening.

Parents should know about all the dangers existing in the digital world. They may think that by applying internet filters, they can keep kids safe on the web. However, that’s not true. While internet filters are helpful, they cannot solve everything. Kids and teens these days are smart enough to get around those filters.

As digital parents, it is our responsibility to know everything about the internet safety of our kids. We should also know about some of the unknown online dangers that can affect our kids so you can protect them.

Unknown Dangers of the Internet Affecting Our Kids

Apps That Can Access the Internet

We may think our kids are safe on social media, gaming, and educational apps but they are not. Often, these apps have ways in which your kids can access the internet browsers. Apps like Pinterest have now added the option of showing videos of crafts and recipes to its users.

When a kid opens the link to watch the artsy video, they are taken to YouTube. Now many parents do not want their kids to access YouTube without any parental supervision but apps like Pinterest may take them to the video streaming site indirectly.

You need to be aware of all the apps on your kid’s phone, computer or any other device that can allow them to open internet browsers.

Accidentally Downloading Malware

Another unknown danger of the internet most parents are unaware of is their kids accidentally downloading malware. Malware is a malicious computer program that is installed without the knowledge or permission of the victim and is capable of performing harmful actions on the computer such as hacking the data or erasing it completely.

Sometimes, cybercriminals persuade young and innocent kids to download fake games and other fun software that may contain malware. Therefore, you need to make sure your kids do not download a malicious app or software on their device by mistake.

Unintentionally Sharing Personal Information

With Facebook, Instagram and all the other popular social media apps, kids are more likely to share personal information in the form of pictures and videos. If you do not pay attention to their online activity, they would easily post everything about their lives such as where do they live, what school do they attend, where do they go shopping, which restaurants do they frequent, where do they go for vacation, etc.

Though there’s a high chance your kid means well and is only excited to share about their own life adventures, they can unknowingly and unintentionally share their personal information with people who may have evil intentions. Therefore, you need to be aware of what your kid is posting and sharing on their social media accounts and who are they sharing with.

Interacting with Predators on the Internet

The presence of pedophiles and sexual predators on the internet is what makes it unsafe for the kids. Kids can come across people with ill intentions while they are using social media sites or playing games on the gaming platforms.

Since the internet does not ask you to prove your age, gender, or occupation while you are chatting on the online platforms and playing games, it has become easier for predators to hunt innocent kids and initiate a conversation with them using fake identities.

You need to tell your kids to be aware of the stranger danger on the internet because not everyone they talk to online can be their friend or have good intentions about them. Teach your kids to stay away from strangers and never talk to them no matter how friendly and courteous they may seem.

Knowing About the Secret Acronyms Your Kids Use

We already know that our kids belong to the digital generation where they already are computer savvy. When they are chatting with their friends, they use secret codes and acronyms so they can warn each other as soon as a parent barges in the room or catches the sight of their computer/mobile screen.

As a parent of a kid belonging to the digital generation, it is important that you make yourself aware of all the computer lingo and secret acronyms that they use while chatting with their friends.

Make the Internet A Safer Place for Your Kids

You can make sure your kids stay safe on the internet by installing monitoring and parental control apps on all the devices they are using.

Some hacking apps on the internet may claim to hack Android phone or spy on an iPhone device of your kid but you need to be careful while making the selection. It is also important to regularly monitor what your kid is doing on the internet and how much time are they spending on their device.

Another best way to ensure your kids’ online safety is to keep their devices in a common place in the home, such as your TV lounge, so you can constantly monitor their internet usage. Never allow your kids to place their devices in their bedrooms.

Last but not least, educate your kids about the potential online dangers lurking on the internet and teach them how they can get past them. An open and honest conversation about the unknown online dangers with your kids can teach them how to fight against the digital monsters.