The Step-by-Step Guide to Getting an International Driver’s License in Singapore

The Step-by-Step Guide to Getting an International Driver's License in Singapore

Since restrictions on travel are now less onerous, you can go wherever you like, whenever you like, and do whatever you want, including renting a car and driving across the country. You may explore new cities at your own leisure and avoid unnecessary delays by driving with an International Driving Permit, which is especially useful in countries where few people understand English. It’s all part of the adventure if you and your loved ones end yourself in a strange town because you got lost on the way there.

However, did you know that an international driver license may be necessary in several countries? If you are unsure of how to apply for one or if you even need one, keep reading this post.

What does it mean to have a licence valid in many countries?

Simply said, the International Driving Permit (IDP) is a foreign-language version of your home country’s driver’s licence. It’s a licence that allows you to drive in foreign countries, and it’s issued by the United Nations so that you can travel safely.

A valid driver’s licence from your home country and an International Driving Permit (IDP) issued by an authorised government agency in your home country are required in order to drive in Singapore if you are a new resident. Those who have a valid driver’s licence from another nation will not be eligible for the IDP in Singapore.

Where can a foreigner in Singapore apply for an international driver’s licence, and what should they bring with them?

In order to receive an IDP, you must apply for it in Singapore before leaving the country. There are two ways to apply for an Individual Development Passport (IDP) in Singapore: online or by visiting an AA Centre in person.

In order to apply for the IDP online:

The website of the Automobile Association of Singapore is one place where you can apply for an International Driving Permit.

The entire process shouldn’t take you more than ten minutes, and here are the AA’s prerequisites:

  • One colour, front and back, NRIC photo, passport size
  • A Singaporean driver’s licence, front and back.
  • The current application fee is $20, and it can be paid online with a credit or debit card.

However, please be advised that the delivery time may take up to ten business days and that an additional $5.50 will be added to your cart at checkout to cover the cost of the courier service.

When an application is received on-site, it goes through the IDP process, which entails the following steps:

Going to the Automobile Association of Singapore counters is another alternative; if you go during non-peak hours, the whole process should take you no more than an hour.

Each of the following will suffice as proof of identification and eligibility at the AA:

  • The scanned image of your valid Singaporean driver’s licence (front and back)
  • For Singapore citizens and permanent residents, a photocopy of your physical NRIC is required.
  • A copy of both sides of your work visa or FIN card.
  • A recent colour photo of the applicant with a white or light background (passport size).

Candidates who submit their information online can include a passport-sized photo in their submission; applicants who submit their information in person can have their photo taken on site at no extra cost. If you are applying on someone else’s behalf, you must also include a printed copy of that person’s photograph.