The Most Popular Government Mints In The World

The Most Popular Government Mints In The World

When it comes to the precious metal market, trust is important. This is why people want to do business with internationally recognized mints. When selling gold bullion, Brisbane gold brokers prefer products minted by reputable mints located around the world. This way they know that the quality of the gold is guaranteed and hence pay you a higher price than for a local refined bullion bar.

What are Government Mints

Government mints are facilities that print currencies and coins for central banks. There are other mints that print currencies on behalf of certain governments. Government mints don’t just print currency but they also produce commemorative coins, silver and gold bullion coins, and bullion bars. These are items that are available to investors and coin collectors.

The most popular mints include The United States Mint, The Perth Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint and PAMP Swiss. Here are some key facts about these popular mints:

The U.S Mint

In 1792, the U.S Mint was founded. The one mint has since grew into 4 mints in Denver, Philadelphia, San Francisco and West Point. Legend has it that George Washington himself donated his own personal silver to manufacture the early coinage. The mint has struck billions coins over the years. The mint produces some of the world’s most popular gold bullion coins such as the American Eagle coins and the American Bullion coins.

The Royal Canadian Mint

Since its foundation in 1908, The Royal Canadian Mint has produced one billion coins every year. Its flagship coins the Canadian Maple Leaf gold was first minted in 1967. It is known as the purest gold bullion coin with a fineness of .9999. In 2007, the mint produced the largest gold coin in the world with a purity of 99.999% and weighing 100 kg. The coin is worth $1 million.

Perth Mint

During the Australian gold rush, prospectors had to sell their gold in Britain to have it refined. The Perth mint only started minting their coins in 1899. It was also responsible for distributing British sovereigns and half-sovereigns. The mint came under the jurisdiction of the Western Australia State Government. In 1990, the mint produced The Australian Kookaburra and the Kangaroo as well as the Australian Koala in 2007. Brisbane Gold Brokers report that the most common gold bullion sold to them comes from the Perth Mint.

The British Royal Mint

The Royal Mint has been operation since 886 AD. The mint produced. Pins that circulated in most of the countries that the British had colonised including Australia. The mint produces some of the purest gold bullion coins. Popular bullion coins that are produced by the mint include the Britannia and the Queen’s Beasts.

The South African Mint

The South African mint creates coins for South Africa, Zimbabwe, Sudan and other African country. The flagship coin that the mint produces is the Krugerrand which first came into production in 1967.  The mint was a branch of the British Royal Mint from 1923 to 1941. Now the mint is owned by the Reserve Bank of South Africa. The Krugerrand is probably the most widely recognizable gold coin in the world. It is made from gold .9167 pure gold.

PAMP Suisse is one of the oldest private mints in the world. This Swiss mint is famous for producing high quality bullion products. The h mint refines over 450 tonnes of gold every year. The mint’s most popular product is the Fortuna bar.