The Latest Technologies in the Beauty Industry

The Latest Technologies in the Beauty Industry

Several new technologies are available on the market to serve us in terms of beauty.

Today, it is still difficult to accept our body. Surgery is taking up more and more space and although everyone decides to do what they want with their body, there are more risks associated with surgery than with its non-invasive methods. 

It is important to know what to choose, which technologies are really recognized and which questions to ask. The beauty industry is definitely benefiting from the increased technological advances, with plenty of new technologies being made available in the market. Today, if you are interested in exploring the latest technologies in the beauty industry, you might want to look at companies like Spa Sciences. Here are some important technologies you should know about. 

NOVA by Spa Sciences  

Your skin is the biggest organ of the body, and using a device such as NOVA is one of the best ways to care for it. NOVA was created by Spa Sciences, one of the foremost leading companies in the beauty technology sector. NOVA is a waterproof sonic cleansing brush that uses patented antimicrobial technology designed to offer the best in class exfoliation and cleansing. 

The sonic brush goes deep into your skin to properly cleanse and remove any makeup, debris, oil, or dirt that nestles into the pores of your skin. Made by Spa sciences, the company also offers a limited one year warranty, so anyone can use this device without having to worry about major issues later on. If you want younger looking and more radiant skin, using NOVA is a fantastic idea. 

Spa Sciences also offers a plethora of other devices that are designed to improve your skin and make it easy for people to take care of their body and their skin at home. With its spinning brushes, it’s incredibly gentle on the skin and helps in exfoliating the skin after a hard day at work!


It is the only tool of its kind that features removable, medical-grade stainless-steel treatment globes that contour the jawline, cheekbones, neck, eye area, and lip lines while also offering a pleasant massage.

By freezing or chilling ISLA’s removable globes, a relaxing sonic micro-massage and anti-inflammatory treatment is delivered that lifts sagging skin, eliminates wrinkles and fine lines, and depuffs the under-eye zone for a youthful appearance.

You may enjoy a massage that stimulates and awakens dormant skin for a rejuvenated flawless complexion and an energizing skin therapy that is harmless and painless for all skin types owing to thousands of sonic vibrations per minute. After only one application, you’ll notice repaired, moisturized, and luminous skin.


The GUA SHA & ROLLER collection by Spa Sciences is inspired by ancient Chinese medicinal techniques. Thousands of years in use in Asia for beauty and self-care, this stone is meticulously fashioned into a double-sided facial roller to help decrease swelling in the skin and under the eyelids, cleanse out the lymphatic system, and enhance circulation.

This GUA SHA & ROLLER in black Obsidian offers a more youthful, luminous, and contoured complexion. Additionally, consistent usage of this Obsidian massaging set has sedative and anti-aging properties.