The Finest Quality Stranger Things Items You Can Expect Now

The Finest Quality Stranger Things Items You Can Expect Now

The wildly successful Netflix program Stranger Things is an homage to classic horror movies, a dazzling display of 1980s fashion, and a social media phenomenon. People are crazy over Stranger Things, so it’s about time you started thinking about what you can wear for Halloween in the spirit of the show. The best part of adopting Stranger Things as a costume presentation source is the abundance of fantastic male and female characters from which to choose. This offers a rich menu to the spectators.

We assume that at least one of your female friends would shave her head in an effort to seem like Eleven, as this is a necessary step in creating a convincing Eleven costume. Feels like we almost had the courage to attempt something similar myself. Millie Bobby Brown was a perfect fit for the character of the partially silent, micro-Jedi, hero-against-the-odds Eleven. One of my favourite Strange Things characters is Eleven. There is, however, a wide variety of options to consider. If you constructed a costume for the full gang, you could dress up as Mike, Dustin, Will, or Lucas. You and your partner may dress up as Nancy and Steve or Hopper and Joyce if you so want. Don’t ignore everyone’s favourite nerdy jerk, Barb the Bookseller, either.

Joyce Byers

Winona Ryder’s performance as the frightened but clumsy mother in a horror film is one of the best of her career. Wear a military-style jacket, a striped shirt, an axe, and Christmas lights to channel Joyce Byers at her most frantic state.


If you make Mike Wheeler, a close friend of Eleven Eleven’s, feel threatened in any way, Eleven Eleven will destroy you. Even more so, waffles are her absolute favourite breakfast food. Wearing a pink dress, a blue jacket, and some tall socks can give you the same same look as Eleven in her sexiest disguise. To look like El from the show, you may either acquire a blonde wig or shave your head.


Hopper is a former big-city cop turned small-town sheriff who is just trying to go on with his life after the loss of his daughter from cancer at the beginning of Season 1. Hopper is a former police officer from the big city who took the job of sheriff in a rural community. He’s the first person except Joyce and Will who seems to get how much Will’s absence hurts them, and he’s the one who agrees to go into the Upside Down with them to look for Will. All you need for the classic khaki police uniform is a button-down shirt with roll-up sleeves, a dependable wide-brimmed hat with a chin strap, and a badge. Get in character by bringing some American beer to the party.


A costume honouring Nancy’s best friend, who is notorious for being both fashionably challenged and overprotective, is certain to be a hit at any Halloween party. If you want to appear like Barb from Friends, you’ll need a puffy jacket, red hair, plastic glasses from the 1980s, and a top with a lot of ruffles.

Some of the Young Men

The boys had a major part in the plot of “Stranger Things.” A group of government thugs at Hawkins Laboratory never gave up hope of rescuing their friend Will from the Upside Down when he was kidnapped by a voracious Demogorgon. This was true even after they created a stuffed lookalike corpse to throw off the locals’ smell.