Surprising hiding places of bed bugs that you don’t know

Surprising hiding places of bed bugs that you don’t know

The bed bugs are named so because they are usually found around your bed area. Most of you try to look under your mattress to find the suspects. Wait a minute! Have you checked other places as well? To your knowledge, these minuscule pests usually hide in very unusual places that you can never think of. We are discussing here some surprising places where they can easily hide or travel along with you to other places.


  • Stuffed toys


The stuffed toys are loved by all age group people. But, they don’t know they are sometimes into the risk to get in touch with the bed bugs who will find your fluffy friends their friends too. You can wash and dry the toys on a hot cycle to get rid of them.


  • Purses


Many times, it is unexpected to know that bed bugs can become your shopping buddy. If you place your purse on the ground or any furniture, the bed bugs can easily pass into your bag or purse.


  • The fluorescent light bulbs


Bed bugs like to live in the darkness and thus, can easily be found in fluorescent light bulbs. The electrical areas are the best hiding place where they can squeeze in. just be cautious when you are hunting for the bugs around this area.


  • Buses and airplanes


Bed bugs are truly unwelcome guests that can travel from one place to another via buses or airplanes. You will be surprised to know this, but it is true. They can come through your clothes or bags and get easily hide in the carpet, seats, and vents.

On suspecting these pests, you can call a licensed company for the removal of pests. They are experts in identifying such places and bring out or kill these pests. Evading the bed bugs is not a DIY project; you have to call professional help to complete this project promptly. Guardian Home is the best company to take you out of this situation.