Should I See a Dentist Before Getting My Teeth Whitened?

Should I See a Dentist Before Getting My Teeth Whitened?

Is your smile something you have been unhappy about? You might have noticed that it seems more yellow in pictures. On the other hand, you may have a big occasion approaching and would like to appear younger and more attractive with a brighter grin. 

Dentistry patients often hesitate to get the whiter, brighter smile they desire due to anxiety over the procedure. There is no shortage of teeth whitening products on the market, yet many wonder: Is it safe to whiten my teeth? In that case, which choice would be ideal for your teeth? Ask dentist in Buffalo Grove today.

Is it safe to whiten my teeth?

The ADA states that teeth whitening is safe but that patients should consult their dentist before beginning the process. If you are thinking about using a bleaching product, the American Dental Association says you should talk to your dentist first. Patients having a lot of fillings, crowns, or very dark stains should pay extra attention to this. To find out if bleaching is the right choice for you, a qualified dentist must do a comprehensive oral exam.

You can choose from a variety of whitening options:

One visit gets you beautiful results with in-office professional whitening, the quickest and most effective choice.

Bleaching solutions and take-home trays: Another viable alternative is a system that you can get from your dentist. Properly fitting custom-fit trays shield your gums from the bleaching solution and reduce the risk of discomfort.

Whitening strips, whitening toothpaste, and brush-on gels are all examples of over-the-counter whitening solutions that are often considered safe for the majority of smiles. But you should definitely consult your dentist before using them.

Things to inquire about with your dentist prior to teeth whitening

“Why have I turned a different color?” Smoking, aging, and coffee consumption are common causes of tooth discoloration. On the other hand, deterioration or other underlying concerns can be the cause. If that is the case, you can not whiten your teeth unless you fix the underlying problems.

“Will my existing dental work be affected by whitening?” If you have had restorations like crowns or dental bonding done, whitening the natural teeth around them could make them look discolored because bleaching solutions do not work on composite materials.

“What kind of teeth whitener would work best for me?” If you want to know which kind of teeth whitening will work best for your specific needs, wants, and budget, the person to ask is your dentist.

To sum up, teeth whitening is an easy and risk-free way to get a brighter, younger smile! Choosing the correct teeth whitening method for you requires an open and honest discussion with your dentist about your smile goals and the available options.