Selling your Spanish property? – Use the professionals

Selling your Spanish property? – Use the professionals

Selling your Spanish property by “doing it yourself” is not as easy as people think. The modern pace of life and commitments make finding time difficult. Suppose you are selling via an online portal. In that case, you will have to keep your advert updated, oversee viewings and be aware of legal aspects. If you want a stress-free sale, you should turn to the professionals.

Use recommendations to find an agent in your area who has recently made sales of similar properties in the same price bracket. There is no point in trying to sell your €500,000 villa in Javea using an agent who specialises in cheap apartments. They will not have the correct customer base for you to get a sale.
It is better to contract a single agent when selling spanish property on an exclusive basis. Giving exclusive rights shows your confidence in that agent. It will negate the possibility of the multiple agents putting you in the position of a “Dutch Auction” of increasingly lower bids.

Giving an agent exclusive rights will not slow down the finding of a buyer, as all agents work from the same pool of buyers. Multiple agents also mean multiple prices being displayed, which reduces the buyers’ confidence as it all looks a bit “Wild West” and lacks transparency. Your chosen exclusive agent is now entrusted with finding a trustworthy buyer, and they will protect your interests.

Your agents will help you collate all the information needed to market your property at its’ best. This will mean collecting complete and accurate documents regarding the property. They will advise on the best price for a sale to meet your individual needs, whether at a maximum price or a quick sale. They will also discuss any discounts you are willing to allow to push the sale through and how you would implement them.

Top-quality photographs are essential in today’s digital age. Many agents retain their own photographers for this purpose, sometimes at additional cost and sometimes included in the agent fees. Professional photographs will help a potential buyer view your property remotely.

Your agent can also recommend legal service providers. Suppose your legal team and agents have worked together regularly. In that case, this can be advantageous in streamlining the paperwork needed for a successful sale. As always, ask for recommendations in Facebook groups or forums in the area.
Your agent will be charging a fee, and they will confirm the exact fee and what services they will be providing.

It is also customary to sign a contract, especially for exclusivity, highlighting the key points of what is expected from each party.

Using a local professional agent who knows the area, the property and the buyers will undoubtedly make for a speedier sale. With your agent acting as a buffer between you, the buyer, and the legal teams, you will be kept informed throughout the process yet will have all the stresses removed. Employ an Estate Agent to manage your property sale, and it’s a win-win situation.