Secrets to Lose Body Fat and Gain Lean Muscle Mass

Secrets to Lose Body Fat and Gain Lean Muscle Mass

The first step in increasing lean muscle mass is to reduce body fat. This can be achieved through exercise and a healthy diet. Compound lifts and HIIT will be covered in this article. The next step is incorporating other measures into your workouts, such as taking regular measurements. If you can do this, you will be able to see if you are making progress.

Protein Sources

Protein is an essential part of weight loss and can be found in various sources, including nuts, beans, and meat. Protein sources high in amino acids can help you burn more fat while retaining lean muscle. According to some studies, eating thirty to forty grams of protein daily can reduce your body fat by as much as twelve pounds in three months. Adding protein to your diet is also a great way to curb cravings. Protein is best taken immediately following a workout to aid in the repair of your body. Still, creatine can also be taken whenever you want as long as you take it regularly. Creatine and protein both have unique but beneficial properties. You can find products that contain these components, visit sites like


Following a diet plan that includes increasing your protein intake and weight training can improve your body composition and decrease your body fat percentage. It is vital to have adequate amounts of protein in your diet since protein aids in the repair of damaged muscle tissues. Moreover, a diet high in protein helps lose body fat while maintaining lean muscle mass. While this may require a few adjustments to your lifestyle, a proper diet will help you reach your goal.


Increasing lean muscle mass is an essential part of overall fitness. Some approaches can be taken to achieve this goal. In addition to the apparent health benefits of exercise, the increased body composition also provides aesthetic and metabolic benefits. Using these five easy steps can help you achieve your goal more quickly.

Compound Exercises

Almost all the popular resistance training exercises can positively affect your body. However, some activities are more effective at burning fat and increasing lean muscle mass. Those exercises involve the coordination of multiple joints, elevated oxygen use, and hormonal response.


HIIT is a highly effective way to burn fat and build lean muscle. It is also beneficial for cardiovascular health. It increases your endurance and torches fat more quickly than comparable cardio exercises. Using a machine or free weights, you can complete a cycle of four minutes of high-intensity exercise followed by a short rest period.

Counting Calories

Counting calories is essential if you’re trying to increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat. By keeping a close eye on your diet, you can maximize your workouts while minimizing the amount of body fat you gain. You can use a BMR calculator to determine the calories you need to lose fat and gain muscle. The greater your lean muscle mass, the more calories you can burn, making losing fat more accessible.

Dietary Fats

The secret to losing body fat is to get 20% to 30% of your daily calories from fat. This type of food provides more calories per gram than carbohydrates. It is easy to overeat fat, making it essential to control your intake. Fat is also necessary for exercising, as the body uses it as fuel. But, too much of this type of food can lead to muscle breakdown, so you must watch your fat intake.