Save Money with Slip Sheets and A Pallet Less Handling of Load

Save Money with Slip Sheets and A Pallet Less Handling of Load

A slip sheet is a better option than a wooden pallet because it has more benefits. For their international exports, engineering, textile, and food grain firms primarily use slip sheets.

Even yet, it appears that the new generation of packaging managers, who are constantly looking for ways to cut costs and save materials, have overlooked this approach of load unitization.

Eight out of ten package managers don’t know what a slip sheet is, according to a casual survey of the packaging community.

That is probably one of the reasons why a solution like slip sheets, which has enormous potential for cost reductions as well as productivity advantages, has had a dismal acceptance rate even after being available for a while.

Top Industries has also designed a certain new system that is capable of handling with push pull slip sheet that is safe and fast too.

The Slip Sheet is merely a typical piece of packaging used in the commercial shipping sector. This forklift attachment is used during material handling to guarantee optimal space use.

These thin, corrugated, solid fibre, or thick paperboard Slip Sheets are formed like pallets. In actuality, a slip sheet is a kind of pallet support tool that facilitates product transportation and vehicle delivery.

The safe transportation of shipments is made possible by pallet boards, forklifts embedded or flat load-carrying surfaces on the Slip Sheet. The work is safer, smoother, and more productive because there is so little human intervention.

Slip Sheets also result in better space use, greater cleanliness, and fewer injuries and do not require great maintenance.

Few pros and cons of slip sheets


  1. As compared to pallets, Slip Sheets are much cheaper.
  2. Slip Sheets can also be easily disposed of.
  3. You don’t have to constantly track or repair these Slip Sheets.
  4. They are also environmentally friendly and can easily be recycled as well.
  5. Slip Sheets are also extremely lightweight because of their thin structure and composition
  6. One can easily transport or store Slip Sheets from one place to another.
  7. Due to their size, it is possible to maximise vertical storage space and by using them your warehouse will be much better organised and tidy.
  8. Since Slip Sheets have no extra nooks and crannies, hence there is no chance of any rodent entering, staying, or breeding.
  9. There are very less chances of any cross-contamination due to their disposable nature.
  10. Finally, by using Slip Sheets there will be a reduced risk of fire-related accidents.


  1. While using Slip Sheets, you will also need a push/pull attachment which has to be installed to your lift truck, which is an expensive accessory
  2. Also, since handling such attachments needs a little more expertise hence you need to offer your worker special training.
  3. In addition, compared to pallets, slip sheets offer less structural support.

Top Industries has also used slip sheets for many industries and to have a video presentation you may also see YouTube presentation of the company.