The first rule is to purchase your bamboo blinds from a reputable company. Trainers would recommend buying real bamboo, not fake. Fake bamboo isn’t harmful, but it doesn’t absorb moisture or offer the same benefits as real bamboo. It won’t break down as natural materials do, so over time it will begin to warp and shift to one side or another.

Bamboo is a good fiber and, in some ways, a great fiber, but not in all ways. Before you buy bamboo blinds, keep in mind that they are not as strong as solid wooden blinds (or any other type of blinds). This means that you need to take extra care when installing them. Also, it is more difficult to clean them. Finally, they will lose their natural color after a year or two of use; this is because the fibers begin to glue together in the sun and rain.

Rule 1: do not buy bamboo blinds from open-air markets. The reason is that imported bamboo blinds are very cheap and easily available in any marketplace, so you might end up buying something that looks nice but doesn’t serve your purpose.

Rule 2:do does not buy bamboo blinds that claim they are cheap because they are of poor quality. Buy only what has been certified by the government or the certification body. The fact that the blinds have been verified as good quality means that most or all of them will be up to the mark when installed


There are many different things you can do with bamboo, but this is the easiest! If you have trouble finding bamboo blinds or want to customize your own, then this is the resource for you. Learn all about bamboo blinds. Get the best bamboo blinds experience by following these easy steps

  1. Measure, measure, and measure grease all of the joints
  2. Line up your bamboo slats
  3. Paint or stain as needed

A bamboo blind is light, strong, and versatile. You can open them from the bottom, or the top. The wide range of finishes allows you to match your existing decor or choose an alternative fabric such as faux fur for a touch of luxury. These blinds come with a lifetime guarantee for strength and safety against rot and decay. Bamboo shades are an excellent alternative to vinyl blinds and also a great choice for the budget conscious. As a natural material, many styles of bamboo blinds are highly-recyclable, thus saving you money on your utility bills. Bamboo is also an environmentally friendly product because it provides strong and natural insulation, it will never rot or decay if care is taken to maintain it properly.


Bamboo is a renewable resource, but it’s not without problems. First of all, the majority of bamboo is harvested from the wild, which means these plants can only grow under very specific conditions. Bamboo grows mainly in tropical climates, which limits its potential for use as an outdoor product: allowing for cross-pollination between different trees so that these plants don’t become sterile, allergic reactions to the plant material and soil, or species dependent on bamboo for existence can all be associated with bamboo plantations. These difficulties demonstrate why we need to find alternative materials when making furniture and other products out of bamboo