Read to Know the Beauty of Lighting Candles

Read to Know the Beauty of Lighting Candles

Candles have held significant spiritual and symbolic importance throughout history, serving as tools for:

  • Worship
  • Illumination
  • Reflection on the divine.

They have been an uninterrupted flame to remind believers of God’s enduring presence and to keep faith alive from generation to generation.

Candles Fantasy manufactures such candles that are made from 100% beeswax. You can buy Orthodox candles from Candles Fantasy for any special occasion in the Church

What is so special about candles of Candle Fantasy?

Candle Fantasy only sells orthodox candles that are of the most outstanding calibre. Beeswax candles with a 120-minute burn time, 21 cm length, and 6.0-mm thickness enhance your home altar, meditation practice, and prayer ritual.

A few of the specialities of these candles are:

  • Made from beeswax: Select pure beeswax, particularly for meditation rituals.
  • Honey fragrance: These traditional candles emit a gentle honey scent that can add to the space’s ambience.
  • Maintains the shape with proper storing: Keep candles out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry location. With use, shape and colour may change.
  • Suitable to offer to God: In the context of Orthodox Christianity, a candle represents a worshiper who is giving themselves to God. It also serves as a metaphor for the Light of God, particularly the Light of Christ. Beeswax is used to make candles traditional. The use of non-beeswax candles is discouraged.

Use of candles in Church

Both in the Church and the home, candles and the symbolism of “light” are prevalent in the lives of Orthodox Christians, creating an atmosphere for prayer and serving as decorative elements.

Candles represent the power and purity of God, reminding us of His role as the creator who declared, “Let there be light.” By burning candles in our hearts and minds, we express our desire to stay close to God and reflect His love daily.

Incorporating candles, prayer, and scriptural reflection, we seek to:

  • Rekindle our faith
  • Find joy
  • Strengthen our relationship with the Lord.

You can follow the tradition of using candles as a conduit to connect with the divine.

The following are a few fun facts about candles

  • The original Christians produced their own candles and offered them as a sacrifice to the churches. Candles are now bought in churches as a voluntary offering.
  • The need for secret night gatherings vanished after the persecution of Christians ended. Still, candles were so established in Christian life that their usage has persisted throughout the whole history of the Church.
  • Candle lighting is a crucial component of all religious services.
  • A lit candle is a tangible representation of prayer. A candle, however, continues to be a candle. When it is not lighted for prayer, it has no spiritual advantages.

How to behave in church while lighting candles?

For newcomers in the Church, seeking assistance from church workers is encouraged. Adapt your behaviour to match worshippers, dress modestly, and for women, cover your head. Maintain reverence and a genuine desire for communion with God during your initial visits to build confidence in the church environment gradually.