PVC V/s. Vinyl Window Shutters: Which Ones Are the Best?

PVC V/s. Vinyl Window Shutters: Which Ones Are the Best?

Do you want to increase your privacy while also protecting your home from the sun? Are you on the look for window treatments that are both attractive and functional? The best option is to use window shutters.They are a terrific way to add a touch of timeless character to your home without sacrificing window coverage.

Shutters can be customized to fit any home’s architectural style. Wood shutters are suitable for classic interior design, whereas café-style shutters are ideal for Scandinavian-style homes. They are also available in various styles, sizes, and materials.

To get the best window-style shutters for your home décor, you can check out the comparison between PVC and Vinyl window shutters. These two are the top classifications; you can easily ask your local conservatory installers; for these, and voila, your new home is ready! Let’s understand the difference between the two types of shutters and which one should you choose.

PVC Window Shutters

PVC shutters are an excellent product to sell because they can be customized. As a result, if you have a door or window opening that is larger or smaller than normal building sizes, PVC shutters can be customized to fit the space exactly.

Since PVC shutters are formed of hollow tubes, they are a less expensive option than wooden or aluminum shutters. Despite being built of a hollow tube, they perform similarly to their hardwood and aluminum counterparts.

These shutters are equally attractive and provide the same style advantages.Since PVC shutters are versatile, they can be made into four different styles. Let’s have a look at these styles below:

  1. The first is a Bi-fold system;this is perfect for patios or wide entrances that lead to the outside.
  2. The second one,the Bi-pass system, is an attractive solution that might be utilized to divide two rooms and create two independent zones.
  3. The thirdone is that they can be utilized as a substitute forwardrobe door.
  4. The fourth one is that the PVC shutters with hinges are suitable for windows.

Vinyl Window Shutters

Vinyl window shutters are your decentchoice if you’re searching for a low-cost, lightweight option.They are ornamental and have a PVC or aluminum backing. They are also weather-resistant, which is suitable for high-moisture environments, such as kitchens.

These aremaintenance-free artificial shutters that aresimple to clean. With a simple dusting or a little soap and water, this material can be brought back to life. String, cable, or even lightweight convoys can be used to link the vinyl strips, giving the window coverings even more customization.

On the other hand, wood shutters crack, peel, discolor, and decay, but vinyl shutters don’t. They are only available in a few colors and tints, and they are not very long-lasting.


From the above comparison, we can see that PVC window shutters are much more affordable and beneficial than vinyl window shuttersand can easily be customized according to your preferences.